My best war tank option green option

So we use green and always has, as of now, I use kadilen. Out of these greens I have, is kadilen still the best choice? I’m leveling kashrek right now, but right now I’m in a toss up between, jade, kadilen, Margaret or C kashrek. What yall think or who would you use? Here is what my current war team looks like.

Actually I’m not a fan of Jade on offense but she is a better tank than your current one imo. She works well with others (Liz and Odin) in your defense as well. Her stats is really good if you can give her like +18 emblems. That’s a lot if you don’t have plan to use her elsewhere. But I think she is the best choice there if consider for tank position only.

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That’s the only thing I’m like blah about. I could strip them from joon, but I use him on offense and I have 17 emblems on yang and I use her on offense. I don’t think I would use jade on offense either, so idk

The problem with Jade on defense (and all ninjas), is that she is inconsistent. You don’t know when she will fire 1x, 2x, or save until 3x. If she saves until 3x, she’s essentially like a Very Slow hero and attackers might get plenty of time to maneuver the board and kill her before she fires. I would probably only tank with Jade if you have Cobalt and Onyx for the family bonus. Jade might be better than Kadilen tho and can still be a pain if she repeatedly fires. If you get C.Kadilen tho, then it probably isn’t worth giving all the monk emblems to Jade.

The real question is how come you guys are still using green tanks tho, cmon its 2k21 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Just to give you a little bit more information about Jade as a tank.

I had her for a time with max emblems.
Tried her as a tank compared to an after nerf telluria also at max emblems. The rest of the team and used troops were both times the same.

Used both for about 3 weeks and looked at the win/loss ratio, highest and lowest trophy count the defense reached on its own.

Post nerf telluria was in all categories far before jade. Jade even dropped out of diamond a few times were telluria stayed constantly above 2500 cups.

That’s just that you may be able to rank her better. I can’t really say something about kadilen compared to Jade, but don’t expect a massive boost if you use Jade as your tank.

Jade lost her emblems a few months ago.
So I would definitely not strip someone for her and even if there are some spare emblems I’m not sure if I would give them to her.

It’s only for war tank. I don’t use kadilen on my normal defense. Green tank is strictly for war. I have tel at 3.70 and I just can’t get myself to use my last tome on tel after they went in raw with her

Well I’d just keep Kadilen at the moment, I wouldn’t strip emblem from heroes that I’m using for Jade as well, it would be painful. Probably your alliance will change to purple or red tank someday who knows :roll_eyes:

We use green as well as tank I’ve used her and Kadilen and I can tell you kadilen will fire at lease 1-2 times before jade just like someone mentiones ninjas are very and when I say VERY inconsistent when it comes to firing their specials. Jade usually goes off on a 2/3rd charge in general you will be better off ascending elradir which has better stats than Kadilen . I would keep using Kadilen until Elradir is ready. Remember you need a tank that either Hit well or Help your Party somehow someway and kadilen for now does that. Too bad her stats aren’t the best but she is a headache if you don’t pay attention quickly.

Hope this helps.

Don’t do it man. Telly can stay at 3/70 with her tubby azz

Is elradir even worth it? I got a good amount of tonics, but those tomes are hard to come by

I have Elradir maxed and I don’t regret doing it. His hit-3 is good, his mana gain really good, his DoT damage reflect is really mean and is not affecteded by Alfrike’s mind control. I am not sure he’s a very good tank, but I like him on offense.

Tell isn’t all that bad. But needs 20 emblems to get to a decent level of survival. But she is very passive but would still hold up if they try and get cute and waste a weak hit on you. But a she’s really just there to catch tiles, she doesn’t really do a lot more.

That said as soon as you get a better green you’ll probably regret the mats.

So I’d hang fire

@Homaclese Loves Elradir, but not on defense and not as a tank! See his videos in the Elradir thread [Elradir – 5* Nature/ Green - June 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release - #550 by SgtRaynor788](Elradir master thread).

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In my opinion he has Better stats than others as for tank He MUCH better than Kadilen

C kad is best , I hate facing c kad when she fires. That dodge is a pain . But I think she is a better flank than tank

These are my options for a tank. I’m really not impressed with any of them honestly.

Telluria is a A+ Tank IMO. Didn’t know you had it on your rooster. I would go with Telluria no questions ask. She or he or whatever is really useful and does the job even Buffed down that -24% mana is Very useful and don’t forget is a paladin that is a +200 + def extra ultimately is on you we can only give you so much Opinions and ideas but you have to make that decision and get the most out of your heroes. Best of luck and good rooster :smirk:

I hate to break it to you, but Telluria is absolutely NOT an A+ tank. Pre-nerf? Absolutely. Now? Not a chance. She is now a tile dump. Even her mana slow isn’t enough to deter attackers. There is literally a challenge going around to see how many times a Telly tank can be made to fire and you still win the raid. At last check, it was over a dozen. Stick with Kadilen at tank. Who knows, maybe you will get her costume soon.


Understood, it was just my opinion she isn’t THAT bad. Right?

She isn’t terrible, it’s just that she is now “meh” at best. The shame is in the repeated nerfs which have made her a shell of her former self.


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