My best titan team?


I’m currently using 4/80 Alby, Athena, Khiona, Mariana, and Joon (only 3/70) for titans.

My plan is to switch Alby for Tarlak
Joon for Wu Kong
And Mariana forn Wilbur

Will this increase my attacks as a general titan team?

Thanks guys!

Yes, for sure!

Survivability from Joon’s blind, Wilbur’s shared damage and increased (reliable) tile damage from Tarlak.

Just be sure to fire Athena after Wilbur!

I’m still learning this game, so with that…

Why Wilbur before Athena?

Wilbur gives -44% defense. Athena gives 41% initially but that goes up by 4 percentage points for each hit, up to 65% (? or thereabouts).

Firing Wilbur first therefore has two benefits:

  1. Athena’s damaging blow hits a steeply degraded defense
  2. Subsequent tile damage will quickly make her special -def bigger than Wilbur’s

Thank you! Makes sense!