My best heroes are gathering dust. What should I do with them?

I have some of the best heroes in the game, in my opinion. I’m quite happy with them. But I have a few problems–They’re all wizards and paladins, none of them are blue, and they just don’t fit well on the same team. What would you recommend I do?

Bolded heroes in this thread are max ascended and max level.

My current team:
C. Sartana
Grazul +13
Telluria +18
Jean-Francois +18
Bai Yeong +18

And here’s my 5* roster:

Dark (3 tabards)
C. Sartana

Light (10 darts)
Bai Yeong +18
Frickin’ Odin
C. Vivica

Blue (18 scopes)
Richard (from HA trade 4 days ago)
My most powerful Blue right now is +18 Grimm

Green (6 tonics)
Telluria +18
Kadilen x2

Red (9 rings)
Jean Francois +18
Grazul +13
Jean-Francois x2 (3 total)
Grazul (2 total)
Mitsuko x2

An instinctive response would be to scrap emblems off Telluria and put them on Odin. But then I’d be short a tank. Alrike makes a good tank! I could take emblems of JF and put them on her. But people would love to stack yellows against Alfrike. This would undercut Odin severely.

Maybe I take emblems off JF, put them on C. Sartana, and play Sartana-Odin-Grazul-Bai Yeong-Lianna? I’m capable of scrapping emblems off my Hansel +20 and maxing Grazul, but I really don’t want to do that. I love my Hansel.

What am I to do? I’m planning on making around 70+ summons in Springvale after many months of scheming & saving, so I’m expecting Frosth. I started leveling Richard, but then I realized I’d rather save my feeders for Frosth or a 5* rabbit. If I draw Master Lepus or Killhare, I’d absolutely love to match that with JF. Would that work well in defense, though? Feel free to share your thoughts on this as well.

Ooh! What if I did C. Sartana/Odin/Grazul/Kadilen/Bai Yeong? There’s another idea

Strip Telluria and put all on Odin. Use him as your tank - of course if you need a green tank for Alliance Wars then don’t do this. If you can have a yellow tank though, Odin is good and dangerous. He should get ascended anyway

I think you could give Isarnia some love, she is good on Titans and in VF formats. 18 scopes means you have that opportunity . She can replace Grimm in most circumstances which can free up those emblems

Mitsuko deserves rings, she’s a good hero

Wait on green. But emblem your Lianna

Alfrike next in purple

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I’m agree with @Infinite, Telly needs to be stripped and emblems to Odin. When you start playing higher levels, telluria doesn’t scare anyone. Odin flat out ruins people’s days.


How about my wizard? Shall I keep using JF, or should I give the emblems to Sartana and use Grazul as my red? Would you recommend I max Alfrike when possible and give her all my emblems? Putting Alfrike in back with Odin as tank might be fun. They’d want to stack darks, and maybe they’ll regret that later.

That being said, Alfrike doesn’t really scare me personally. Might be because I hit her with Hansel or Bai Yeong most of the time. But even when that doesn’t happen, I still survive the 5 cubes & just wait out the skill block. Am I the only one who doesn’t have much trouble when she triggers?

Well Alfrike scares the crap out of me! Definitely deserves the tabards

For balance I’d say maybe Wizard emblems to Sartana, given that you have her costume she would be a good flank to Odin in defense.

For raid defense, I think Alfrike is scarier at flank than tank, personally. Especially with a holy tank it’s really hard not to set off Alfrike.

Different case for war, Alfrike tank is awesome because opponents can only stack yellow so many times…

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