My alliance war

Hi! English is not my native language, but I would like to ask you something! My question is that if we always get an opponent that is too strong in alliance war, is there a way to take down the cup number, for example? how can we get a weaker opponent and what do you think you draw? thank you in advance for the answers​:blush::innocent::hugs:

Cups (trophies) do not get factored into Alliance War Matchmaking.

The things that do get counted in the Alliance War Score are:

So basically, if you keep losing wars, you’ll eventually drop your war score far enough that you’ll get matched with weaker opponents.

There are also other factors that can affect your war performance such as:

  • Defence Teams; people fielding sub-par defence teams will allow the enemy more One-Shot kills & thus get a higher score

  • Attack strategy; there are a variety of facets to this

    • Coordination. Do your members coordinate their hits? Do you adhere to an attack strategy?
    • Multi-tapping. Do your members hit the same opponent multiple times? This wastes multiple flags & indicates that your members are attacking opponets who are too strong for their teams
    • Tank-Bust Mentality. Do your members aim for One-Shot kills? or do they just aim to “bust tanks” where they go for partial kills? It should work out that your strongest members attack the strongest enemies & leave the “clean-ups” (partial kills) and weaker enemies for your smaller/ weaker alliance members

There are a myrriad of other factors in offence that include team building, colour stacking, gameplay strategy, all of which can only really be solved by reviewing videos of your members attacks etc… Also requires a lot more dedication / involvement if you’re going to that extreme.


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