My alliance members say I play too safe

I chose Heimdall to ascend over Lianna.
This maybe my new Defense team. Thoughts on placement order for defense out of these cards please?

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Doubling the tank colour isn’t really advisable…

What else have you got maxed?

Here are my other finished 5s.

Bud, Kingston in corner replacing MN. You can’t have slow tank and MN… you’ll never fire.


Magni - Grazul - Heimdall - Joon - Sartana OR
Magni - Grazul - Heimdall - Sartana - Joon

This will speed up your defense team. It’s a rainbow, which is generally a good idea on defense.

You’ll get Grazul to gen mana based on the splash from the opponent stacking against Heimdall.

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I pulled the trigger and went with this.


Looks good.

Please report back your findings.

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Will do. Its amazing the number of 3rd season heroes flooding the game now with health bonuses going past the 100% natural marks!

Yeah. Also, Kashhrek costume.

At the same time, there is a bunch of max hp reduction heroes as well. Alfrike, Fura, Almur.

I am guessing some more of these heroes will be likely designed and released in next iterations - to maintain the balance between the two groups.

I have yet to be raided since the switch 2 days ago.

Lol. No one raided your team in 2 days?

Are you raiding anyone?

I just got Fura and think my 200+ wizard emblems in the bank found a home :+1:

Great. She seems like a great hero. I hope to get her.

Yeah 5 teams! I had to come check when I switched. Feels longer than 2 days.

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Wow!! Keep raiding…!! :smiley:

Do you have Fura maxed? Have you been raiding with her? I’m hesitant to pull the trigger in maxing her, given she is Average speed – if she was Fast, I’d max her in an instant, lol

She is still 1-1. Wrapping up another project, but I think she’s next.

Your ‘safe’ play is very nice for auto season 2 later provinces and season 3 :slight_smile:

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I don’t have Fura. But looking at her skill set, I’d say you should max her. Her max hp reduction is a very useful skill.

Her mother - Alfrike - I understand if you have doubts in leveling her as she is too slow.

But average mana is fine. You’ll be fine with average mana with some clever board management.

One of the best 4* - Proteus - is average mana. Would you not level him? :stuck_out_tongue:

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