My account has been hacked

For the second time in a short while I wake up to see;

  • all my teams chenged (defense team with 1 star heroes)
  • some of my team member demoted/promoted
  • almost every gem used to summon heroes
  • Lot tickes has been used (full treasure chest too)

Last time I lost 1000gems, but last night somebody used 5 000 of my gems.

What do I do?. I have spent a lot of money in this game and this is not acceptable…

I need som help from SG. I want my gems back, an apology and an account that cant get hacked…

Please help


Does someone have access to your phone? I seriously seriously doubt someone hacked you. What it sounds like is someone has access to your phone or your gaming account logged into Empires and Puzzles to play. Perhaps this someone doesn’t understand what there doing and thats why they messed with everything. I highly highly doubt you were hacked since there nothing a hacker would gain from said actions.

Please report through the support tab in game, forum staff do not generally look into account issues.

Hope it gets fixed

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