My 5 years anniversary of playing E&P

So I did a thread on my 3rd anniversary;

Link here

My 3 years anniversary of playing E&P! - #22 by gregschen

and yesterday, December 25th 2022, marks my 5 years anniversary. I was kind of busy yesterday so I’m posting this topic today.

So what has changed since last time? Actually both my pulling luck and roster really improved. My 5* roster got definitely better since 2 years ago and the cause really isn’t increased spending. But a lot better pulling luck as well as some HA10 luck, 2 heroes from Soul Exchange and fairly recently first fated summon hero.

I should also mention that I have a lot of top 100 experience.

Player Profile

Only gained 16 more levels in last 2 years, 2021 was my ‘break from competition’ kind of year. I even completely uninstalled the game for the 1st time, during that time I thought I quit completely, but I missed the game and reinstalled it around 10 weeks later.

Also because of my inactive playing, I missed 1st red aether quest :smiley:.

Btw the raid win streak is legit. I had 57 raid win streak 2 years ago, so it had to happen in-between 3rd and 5th anniversary and I never cup-dropped ever.

Highest titan hit wasn’t on 14* titan, my real highest hit on 14* titan is 198k on green 14*. And I don’t raid as much anymore, so I’m yet to reach 20k wins.

Hero Roster - Heroplan

You can go and check my 3rd anniversary roster. During that time there were all heroes added in Heroplan website, so probably that’s why I didn’t bother taking pictures in-game. It was not even close as good as my current one. Even though really a LOT of new heroes were released in 2021-2022.
The creator of the website already quit the game and he’s not frequently updating the website, so some heroes are missing in there currently, but I can’t blame him. Game just keeps releasing tons and tons of new heroes. I know Zarel, Basil and 2nd C of Kelile is not added in my roster there, because they were not yet added.

Hero Roster - In-Game

I did forget to take in-game screenshots on my 3rd anniversary, but here are in-game screenshots of my roster on 5th anniversary.


Definitely big improvement here. Crit troops only get trainer troops now, while I heavily feed my mana troops, my goal is 30/23/23/11 with 4 mana troops in every color. I don’t ever use mono in PvP anymore, so I don’t keep 5 mana troops.

I can say now, that I do regret leveling Crit troops, but I still find a few uses for them, not many though, for example I like giving normal attack buffers crit troops for better survivability on titans. My Bertulf from time to time actually survived a strike from 14* spider when I forgot to use turtle banner + axe sometimes and yeah he’s fully LB’ed with def/hp emblems route.

Then I’m off to level magic/cyclop troops. I have only 1 cyclop troop, purple one, while 1 red, blue and yellow magic troops, sadly no green troop of these types yet. Ninja troops I have 1 of each color already, but they are not worth leveling anymore, just for collection purpose I think. I do only keep 1 of each type and color, because the game will most likely end, before I get those maxed :smiley:

Non-S1 Dupes

2022 was the year of more non-s1 dupes for me. I used to be lucky of not getting much non-s1 dupes (I’m yet to get any 5* costume dupe), but my dupe Alasie from 2018 was joined by 2 dupe Karas, cause I pulled 3 of them back in May 2022 (I do keep all 3 of them cause taunt is a great ability to have)

I got very ‘lucky unluck’ twice in big hero pool portals, in Solstice I did only 1 10x and got dupe Aegir and last Black Friday, I did only 3 pulls and the 1st one was dupe Balbar… Probably my most ‘lucky unluck’ portals in the game. The chance of me pulling a 5* dupe from these large pool portals twice is miserably low…

Long Drought Of No New Non-S1 Red

I also had a very long streak of no new non-S1 red 5* hero (not counting costumes), which ended about a month ago, by getting Erebus from Styx Tower. My previous red non-s1 was I believe Queen of Hearts back somewhere in July-September 2019.

HA8 Trainings

Here are all 21 trainings, I was missing Boomer, Peters, Cheshire Cat and Captain of Diamonds when I started doing them. I had a break in between somewhere, these aren’t all in a row.

1- Grimm
2- Kashhrek
3- Sonya
4- Sabina
5- Peters (New)
6- Hansel
7- Boomer (New)
8- Guardian Falcon
9- Cheshire Cat (New)
10- Caedmon
11- Merlin
12- Gormek
13- Cheshire Cat
14- Sonya
15- Cyprian
16- Scarlett
17- Peters
18- Kiril
19- Caedmon
20- Merlin
21- Captain Of Diamonds (New)

HA10 Retrainings

I have not been doing HA10 retrains consistently since I researched HA10. I do remember that my 1st retrain was done exactly on my 3rd anniversary day and it was Athena :slight_smile: So I started my first HA10 retrain on 18th Dec 2020. I did 66 retrains total so far and here are highlights, so far no special dupe, so I’m quite happy with my luck :

1- Athena (New)
9- Drake Fong (New)
11- Obakan (Last missing S1, vanilla S1 collection complete)
Since 17th Retraining - Costumes Introduced
20- Khagan Costume (New)
36- Lianna Costume (New)
41- Misandra (New)
60- Magni Costume (New)
62- Joon Costume (New)

Soul Exchange

Skadi and Ludwig, I sacrificied 2 fully maxed 5* for Skadi, but both were ‘just’ S1 dupes, 2nd Lianna and 2nd Joon and I have no regrets doing that. Ludwig had all S1 dupes at 1/1 meaning, that I still have all unique S1 heroes, but I wouldn’t mind sacrificing some of them w/o costume in SE if I really needed to.

I do am a collector as I always keep every unique hero at least once, but I can make that exception for some 5* S1 heroes w/o costume one day, though I still miss S1 costume for 2 4* heroes - Scarlett and Wu, but they are not 5*s needed for SE.

Total Money Spent

1550 € 53 cents. Could be a little higher number, but I was very consistently looking into all my payments. Was it all worth it? Definitely not. I think almost half of the money I spent on the game, what was on a some large gem offers I used to buy mainly between 2018 - 2019, was wasted on crappy 10x pulls that gave me nothing or almost nothing new. I also did 1 or 2 30x pulls total. Before Dec 2020, I had almost quit the game altogether, because of how frustrated I was with my pulling unluck. After Dec 2020 when my luck started to change, it was about 1.15-1.2k€.

Do I regret using money in this game? No, not really. This is my only gacha game experience and I definitely won’t start playing another gacha game after this game. I played this game long enough to know, that I don’t want to start playing another game of similar fashion.

Current Mats

Too many :smiley:. Mainly my d blade unluck completely turn around in 2022. I think I got more d blades from random loot in 2022 than all the rest of years playing total. I have no idea how many mats I got total anymore, if I count all the used ones, and I honestly don’t even care trying to count all that. I do have 5* heroes to level right now, so I’m gonna use some of these very soon.

Still Wanted

Despite some great luck, I still didn’t get my 1st purple EDD hero, so Sergei, or Panther +/- C would be lovely… I’m yet to get Miki and I’m happy I fetched Tarlak from fated summon, meaning that I have 3 different colors of normal attack buffers - C Wilbur, Bertulf and Tarlak. Miki and Sergei/Panther are still in my wanted list.

Also I always wanted Gullinbursti, cause my yellow healers used to be my backbone, but I now have Wang Yuanji as 4* health booster and Wool with D’Andre as other healers in yellow too, so better than nothing. He’s literally only 3*/4* hero I miss from all 5 seasons though :D.

Red is currently my worst healer color and I don’t think 2nd C Boldtusk is worth LB-ing as I already reset emblems on my 2nd one, because I stopped using his dupe in wars.

I’ve also always wanted regular def down hero in yellow color, I still don’t have any hero of yellow color with that ability.

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Happy Anniversary, may you still continue to have fun :beers:


Congrats on 5 Years! May you continue to have lots of fun and see progress in this game!


Congrats on reaching five years @Roland56! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball: Fingers crossed you’ll get Miki and a purple EDD next year! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Happy anniversary to yoooou :slightly_smiling_face: :notes: :confetti_ball:

I appreciate the insight, thank you for sharing :100:


Happy Anniversary for you !

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many people will think that you have achieved everything and it’s time for you to leave … but no, I don’t agree, this is just the beginning … forward to discoveries and new achievements Forum challenge. **Show your hero!**

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Huge congrats @Roland56 !!! Thanks for sharing all the great data! And you’re coming off one of your best E&P years yet! Hoping an even better 2023 for you :100: :fire: :fire:

It’s been a true pleasure playing with you and chatting all these years

Haha, what year were you cup dropping? I see that 66 raid win streak!!


Welp buddy you didn’t read everything in the post then, or you’re just messing with me haha :smiley:.

Hahahaha! I saw the streak and immediately commented before reading the rest, sorry bud. Read some pieces of it, hoping to pour over it all this week if it’s quiet at work.

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:cake: :partying_face: Happy 5th anniversary @Roland56

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