My 4* Team

Hi all!
This is my 4* team…

Which color is my weakness? Shall I change something?
For the titan, it’s good?
I also have Littlejohn (maxed) Caedmon (not leveled) Alisai (3/70), Elena (I can maxed her, but I not sure about it)

Those are all excellent heros and a very good set up, are they Maxed? If not I would focus on them.

Otherwise, I would recommend Cademon and Alasie next, based on what you listed.

Yes, they are.

OK! Tyy

Also, Im not sure if the way you listed them are the way you have them set up. If so I would put BT as your tank. And Wu right flank. Hits to your defence team are usually from left to right or so I’ve been told :blush:

I would arrange your team from left to right
Sabina, Grimm, BT, Hansel, Wu

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That’s good to know! Thankss

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Elena is a solid 5* center for your defense team. You may want to go ahead and work on ascending her as she would be an upgrade over a BT center. I doubt you’ll regret spending mats on her.

But to answer your question, Wu Kong is your current weak link for raid defense. You dont have any have any other yellows, but I would go ahead and replace him with another color. Alasie at 3-70 would be an upgrade over Wu, imo.Then once Elena is fully ascended, you will have more options for your raid defense.

For titans, you have Grimm, Wu and BT which is the core trio for a solid titan team. Your next big step will be having multiple heroes of the same color available to double up on the strong color for each titan. That will come with time as you keep leveling current heroes and obtain new heroes.


Thx so much for ur opinion.
I have guardian Owl… Hu tao… But Im not going to waste items on them…
Should I go to Elena… I have all the items to ascend her but I was hoping to get hotM Red or Marjana… (bc anchor’s guide)

Raid defense:

Cleanser-Buffer-Tank-Debuffer-Damage dealer, from left to right (!)

Raid offense:

2-3x Strong color vs enemy tank. Zero weak color. Build up some double color and re-roll on raids until you get a suitable opponent with a tank you can double-color against.

Attack only if you get above +40/-20. Sometimes the board will screw you and you will lose the first attemp but will win the second, netting you more cups overall.

Titan battles:

Must have heroes for max damage - Boldtusk, Grimm/Gormek/Tiburtus, Wu Kong

Use 2-3x strong color vs the titan + Wu and all of the above in proper combination.


Work towards building at least 2x of each color of 3 and 4*.



You don’t have to got 5 colors on your defence team…

You got a solid 4* team wich I think it can give you about 2100-2300 trophies!!!

Remember that above that everyone have 5* and that makes things very difficult for you…

Has for the team, as stated above, Elena is fine to receive the mats as Alaise too…

I agree, don’t bother ascending Owl or Hu Tao unless you have excess mats to use.

We are about one week away from the end of the month. You could wait until then to see if you get gravemaker, then decide.

Elena is a better center than GM or Marj. So if your priorities are cups, it makes sense to ascend her over the other two as your center position is the most important one. Elena is a great center to have and can anchor a raid defense at higher cups. However, Elena is only “ok” on raid or titan offense.

Marj is better than Elena for almost everything else (just not center defense), and there would be no shame in ascending her over Elena. She’s a premier red and should eventually be fully ascended for anyone fortunate to have her.

GM is also very, very good, but since you dont have any other 5* cannons, I would ascend marj before GM.

Given how difficult it is to pull 5*'s, come July 1 you probably won’t have marj or GM. That will make it easy for you. Elena


Yes, actually my record is 2240 trophies.
OK! I’ll go with Elena! Thxx