My 3 years anniversary of playing E&P!

25th of December 2017 is when I started playing this game, so today marks the 3rd anniversary. 3 years is a really long time, but of course I had some smaller breaks in between.

I’m pretty much c2p, but I had a few smaller chases which mostly ended with getting nothing new from all the pulls. In average about 400€ each year, but in fact, my spending was very different each year.
Last time I counted the amount I’ve spent, was at the end of June 2020 and it was 1.1k€, so I think I might’ve reached 1.2k€.

I’m quite competitive and I have experience with high level titans and wars in top 100.

Player Profile

My real highest titan hit is 127k on green 14*, the one on my profile was on 11*, I think.
Reaching the big veteran level 80 soon too.

Hero Roster

33 maxed 5* (29 unique and 4 duplicates) + 3 unique sitting 3/70 and Horghall C (which I pulled few days ago) working on last tier, so 33 unique 5* heroes in total.
53 maxed 4* (41 unique and 12 duplicates) + 2 unique are work in progress, so 43 unique 4* heroes in total. Out of those, 13 are highly emblemed.
56 maxed 3* (50 unique and 6 duplicates), 50 unique 3* heroes in total.

My weakest 5* colors are purple and green, green lacking any good supporting hero/healer/reviver (few days ago I was also missing a green tank, but I got Horghall C which will replace my Kadilen w/o C which I used as a green war ‘tank’ for over 9 months).
Purple on the other side, only 1 fast mana hitter Sartana and too many healers if I count my Rigards as well, so mainly lacking fast mana firepower here.

Other colors I’m currently quite satisfied with. I also count my highly emblemed 4* heroes as equal as 5* heroes personally.

Also my pulling luck in general has been pretty bad.


I still haven’t reached rainbow lvl 23 mana troops. I had really poor luck pulling mana troops other than red and blue for first about year and half of playing. I remember that I got my first purple mana troop from Atlantis rewards ETT and few days after that, I got first green mana troop too. Yellow mana troop had been evading me too much. Only 2 weeks before my 3rd anniversary (what is exactly 2 weeks ago) I finally got my first yellow mana troop and it was from first ever HA9 retraining.
I did 2x 10 pulls with gems on troops in total and rest was ETT.

Currently I’m satisfied with red/blue troops, other colors still need a lot of work.

All Unfarmable Materials

Current standing :

After counting all the materials I’ve already used/not used :

210 Hidden Blade / 61 Mystic Rings
184 Warm Cape / 53 Farsight Telescope
212 Sturdy Shield / 43 Mysterious Tonic
195 Trap Tools / 59 Royal Tabard
214 Orb of Magic / 56 Poison Darts
198 Compass / 37 Damascus Blade
204 Gloves / 52 Tome of Tactic

I’ve been fighting high level titans (12* and then 14* after they were released back) for, I think it’s close to 2 years (I think it’s over 21-22 months with some breaks in between), so that means I’m quite loaded with materials, having too many 3* and solid amount of 4* except d blades, those have always been hard to get. From color specific 3* only capes are a little behind and from color specific 4* are tonics least common for me.

Still Wanted

I finally got my first yellow mana troop this month and my first real green tank. Both were in my wanted list. There are 2 last things I really want and that’s purple elemental defense dropper (Panther) and a replacement for Wu Kong on titans (Miki,Tarlak).

I’ve played with some great players and I’ll never forget you guys
@Rigs, @Math4lyfe, @gregschen, @Boolz_San_CK, @JAWS_3D, @Palms are the ones I know that have a forum account. Glad we played together!


Happy e&p anniversary Roland! Thank you for your contributions here on the forum and it was awesome to have been part of Knights with you :crossed_swords: Keep kicking ■■■ Roland!


Man, those are my two strongest colors lol. Hope you get some strong purps and greens soon. Throwing a rabbit your way for luck :rabbit2:


My contribution has not been very big on this forum despite soon having my 1st forum anniversary, haven’t posted too much, but thanks!

It’s hard as c2p, but I wish I got at least one of the revivers and some more fast mana purple hitters, but I welcome any new hero/costume in my roster.
HA10 is my small hope.


@Roland56 wish you many more years!


Thanks, same to you!


Happy 3rd anniversary @Roland56 :cake: :cake: :cake: :coffee:
Great progress and achievement you have :sunglasses:


Happy 3rd Anniversary @Roland56 :slight_smile:


Happy 3rd anniversary. Thanks for sharing your progress. Here’s hoping for another great year to come. :slight_smile:


Hey Roland! Thanks for the shout out! Can’t believe it’s been that long. Will be three years for me in Feb. Where you smashing titans these days?


hey gregschen! Yeah I can’t believe it’s been so long! Hope things are going great in Crew!
I’m currently in top CZ/SK alliance. Been there for over last half a year.
We reached top spot 3 times.


I’m actually leading Saders these days. Feels weird! But rigs and math are both taking breaks (rigs’ seems permanent, though he always keeps you on your toes), and things are still running reasonably smoothly for now. Hit #1 again the other day. :slight_smile:


@Roland56. Just did a revenge on one of your alliance mates (Peklo). I recorded it so if they wanna see their defense in action I am happy to send it your way :+1:


Oh, that’s why they don’t respond to my tag here. Tell them I say hello, if you can! I’m sure you lead Saders well :slight_smile:.


Sure, send it to me on Line :smiley:.


What’s your line id buddy?

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Oh, I didn’t know I don’t have you in friends. Line id : dz856


think Greg’s been puffin too much of the devil’s lettuce lol

i did take a break but been playin in Crew-Raiders the past couple weeks, stopped in for a war and well had fun hangin with these guys and just haven’t went back to Saders yet(though will add I’m definitely not playing as much as i was, i can’t count how many quests I’ve missed or how many chests I’ve missed out on but still killin titans and playin wars)

nice to see you hit that 3 year mark @Roland56 , crazy how long we’ve played this damn game

one of these days my “break” will be permanent. but it typically just takes a few chats in line or one stop to an alliance and next thing i know I’m playin daily again

miss playin on the same team man, it was a lot of fun


We had some fun times for sure!! Miss you and all our old sh¡t talking but glad to know you’re still kicking a$$. :yellow_heart:


Thanks guys! @Rigs @Math4lyfe.
Yeah I’m still kicking it. I don’t like the p2w turn the game is taking, but whatever (for now). Pulls have been crappy as usual this whole year except this month I got 2 past hotms and first 5* costume and only paid for the cheap VIP at the start of the month. I’m just playing my game till I won’t enjoy it anymore I guess, what will be who knows when.


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