My 2nd E&P Gaming Anniversary

To commemorate my second year of playing the game, I made this video clip. It felt awkward talking while browsing in the game? Besides, I am not really used to recording myself. :rofl:

Anyway, just sharing it here. Cheers everyone! :beers: :clinking_glasses:


Congrats on your second gaming anniversary @valourandvaliance! :partying_face::birthday::birthday:

Hope you keep enjoying the game at your pace. I think your alliance is EoS? I was in a nice alliance with many players there. :smile:


Thank you so much @SamMe! Yes, I am currently with EoS. I am having a nice time in this alliance. :grinning:

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congrats on your 2nd anniversary!! wishing you many more years of enjoyment :slight_smile:


Congratulations! Do not fear your voice, you don’t know mine! :rofl:
@SamMe Another reason to party? As if we need a reason… :smirk:

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