My 2 cents on Raid Tournaments

1st cent- Add a 1 hour timer when you find an opponent. If you don’t attack after that hour expires, you lose and the defensive team wins. This will increase the number of attacks everyone receives.

Why? I’m sure that people get no attacks on their defense, or just 1 attack the whole tournament, because of being found by someone who doesn’t care about actually attacking, not because a bad attack distribution.

Team A finds Team B
Team A doesn’t want to attack and disconnects the whole day.
Team B is waiting to be attacked by Team A, that doesn’t happen so Team B receives 0 attacks that day.

2nd cent- Reduce defensive points. 900 for Grade A is too much, it’s worth 2 extra victories per day. Change it to something like 100 or 150 so four A’s are worth 1 extra victory

Why? It was proven that you can take A Grades with weak defensive teams, so those points aren’t directly related to the strenght of your defensive team. So there is no need to grant big points on defense when any TP can get A grades.

I don’t fully agree with you statements, but I can Agree something is still wrong with matchmaking.

I was attacked once on the last day and won. A defense. Woohoo. The other three days, no attacks and C grades.

I looked at the final leaderboard. If I had an A defense all 4 days, I would have been the top scorer overall. Not saying my defense would have been an A with more defenses, but I would have at least liked to have found out!

Well, My 1st cent covers your problem and offers a solution.

I’m pretty sure the opponent that attacked you on day 4, found you on day 1 and decided not to attack you until day 4. So your defense waited for his attack for 3 days, not being attacked by anyone else, therefore you got 3 C’s

My solution is to add a 1 hour timer. So your opponent had 1 hour to attack you, if don’t, you would have won and could be attacked by someone else.

I am not saying you are wrong, but I haven’t heard anywhere that you can’t be attacked twice at the same time.

Your idea works under the assumption that a single opponent can tie up your defense.

I haven’t heard the opposite (you can be attacked by multiple opponents at the same time) so yes, I’m working on that assumption. And I’m betting that’s the reason why people doesn’t get attacks. I’m proposing a timer to actually reveal if that’s the problem.

In the first tournament, I assumed that teams that got attacked were gaining points (my team was never attacked). In the last few tournaments, my team was attacked multiple times with about 50/50 win/loss results overall. Regardless of whether my defense team was rated B or E, I didn’t seem to gain any points to my raid score.

So that leads me to ask, does it even matter? Defense team score doesn’t appear to have any impact on your overall raid score, maybe it affects the teams you’re matched against? But if that’s the case, wouldn’t it make sense to put up a low defense team on purpose in order to gain more points? Which would be a bad design on the developers’ part, if that’s the case. I don’t think that’s the case…? I hope not.

But if defense team score doesn’t impact either raid score or matchmaking, that would mean that the defense team score is completely pointless (pun intended). So what is the point in trying to set up a good (or intentionally bad) defense?

I’m really trying to understand how this whole raid tournament system is supposed to work. So far, as best I can tell, it’s “pray to the RNG gods that you don’t get 4 bad boards”, then 5 days later, collect your string, feather, and common summon token.

You get points from your defense the following day. You can check this by adding up all your attacks and compare to the total score

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I’m not sure this makes sense - you’re saying that people don’t use their 5 flags for the day because they don’t want to attack a certain team… but what then? That person is giving up on the raid tournament? You don’t get 20 on the last day to use, you get 5 a day whether you use them or not.

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Ah okay. I never saw any points coming in from defense. I’ll keep closer watch next time. Thanks!

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I don’t care about the attacker. If that player doesn’t want to attack, that player will be missing flags, as you pointed out.

My concern is about the defender. The defender will be stuck waiting to be attacked, therefore getting the same grade points every day.

A timer prevents that, attacker loses if he doesn’t attack within an hour after finding an opponent and defender is free to be found again