My 2 cents for the game after 2 years of playing

Checklist to quitting

  1. Are you unhappy?
  2. Are you feeling discouraged?
  3. Do you find it hard to compete?
  4. Are you addicted to this game?
  5. Re Q4: If you chose to quit, can you truly quit and not touch this game at all?
  6. Do you have any other alternatives? Can you find another alliance? Would that change anything?
  7. Do you enjoy the company of your alliance and/or this forum?
  8. Do you still like this game or some elements of this game?
  9. What would you do with your free time instead?

Some questions to consider before quitting


Go and find low level alliance with 3-4* titan. They will be happy if u join them and teach them how to play. Suddenly u find another meaning of playing


After almost 2 years playing I also have exactly 16 5* heros maxed. And a few of them I almost regret that I max leveled. However, to help you put things in a different light. I dont feel my amount of maxed heros to be unfair at all, and Im not suggest that you should be feeling different than you do. But instead ask yourself two questions here.

1: How many maxed 5* heros should I have after two years playing.

2: And if you by any chance do have a answear to the first question, then ask yourself this. How could I possibly know how many 5* I should have by now?

All in all, it is easy to forget that this is a game after all, and even though you have the right to feel bad about it. I believe that you will get over the sour feeling faster if you begin to realize that the problem may not be the amount of heros you have or not have, but what you feel and think about it.

Hope this helped you out some, and take a more relaxed aproach to the game if it starts to get to much for you at the moment.


I still think having 16 5* heroes is great, especially for F2P/C2P. Unless you spend hundreds of dollar every month then its a big dissapointment.

Personally I have 8 5* with 1 dupes after playing for around 1 year; 3 of them coming from TC20 and so far only managed to pull 1 HotM (its crazy to think that somebody actually managed to pull HotM every single month! I envy those people :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) + 1 returned HotM from Atlantis. However I only use 2-3 5* regularly for raid and titan fighting. the majority of my main team are 4* heroes.

IMO we can still build a competitive team with some decend 4* heroes. Currently I compete in the low diamond league (around 2300-2500 points) with team of GM, Rigard, Kiril/Tarlak, Sonya/Elkanen, and Scarlet/Colen. My point is, having a bunch of 5* is great for sure, but the game is still playable with 4*.

If a F2P/C2P player has 16 maxed legendary (5*) heroes after two years then I think they are doing just fine.

The old rule of thumb (back in 2018) was that playing FTP you could expect to receive enough ascension materials to fully ascend five legendary heroes in a year. (Those who are curious can read about this in old forum threads concerning the scarcity of 4* ascension materials.) Since then I think that ascension materials have become more plentiful. (I can’t back this up with proper analysis apart from the observation that these days, unlike back then, there always seems to be some sort of event, challenge, tournament, rare quest or war available - and now there’s the path of valour, too. Seems like we now have many more opportunities than in the past.)

So maybe now we should expect to fully ascend more than five epic heroes each year. How many? Six? Seven? As many as eight? If you can manage eight then I think you’re doing well.

If you pay to play, then of course your expectations would be a bit higher.



That’s some excellent critical thinking @FrenziedEye


Sometimes i have run even 3 tc 20 non stop for about 60 days and not getting a single 5* ,i would have expected to have at least 1 copy of all the good classic heros till now ,including my rolls and tc 20 camps , i rarely stopped the tc 20 since i builded it and that was like more than 1 year ago , im 80% of the times top 1% on the tournaments (rarely top 5) ,A+ A or B on titans mostly and during events at least top 1000 on all stages Rare ,Epic & Legendary…The chances to get a 5* from tc 20 + Summons Gate are very Low ,at this level to keep having fun u need power there are a lot of good 4* too ,but still at least one must have 20 good 5* maxed after 2 years

Im not unhappy just i need more power to stay competitive but the chances to get a good hero are extremely low ,i enjoy the company of my alliance mates and same time the company of all the community , i still enjoy the game but doing some basic calculations i will have 36 good 5* after playing for 4 years lol

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My advice ( unless you have an addictive personality).


Im thinking about that too and is a good point ,still not decided anything yet but if i will still decide to play the game than i will always do it for wining and stay competitive as much as i can .For me winning is Fun but to win i need power if i will decide to take a brake that means that the others have progressed much more than now so i will be again in a bad position for winning lol

I still think destroying your account is a bad idea.


Unless you are currently fighting 14* rare titans, you are already way behind the top players.

14* rare titans are the top source of emblems, 4* ascension items, Epic troop tokens, Epic hero tokens and titan flasks.

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The only problem i have are the teams with lvl 19 emblemed and best deffensive setups during wars facing 30 ursenas and kunchens max emblemed max troops is not fun for my teams lol , and for the long run i considered wars and events as the best part of the game , yes 14* titans never had problems with titans but this month i had to lvl up a worthles quintus Just cause i need more power in for wars mostly not for titans and events

A tc 20 elemental could have helped for sure

Here is a similar thread with a similar concern to yours.

I am now just shy of 2 years playing, not quite f2p (I was for the first year). I have 10 maxed 5*, two more on the way. I have exactly 3 5* that are not Season 1. I play competitively and like to win but I will never be at the top. I occasionally break into the top 1000.

I have no intention of ever being p2w, or p2p even. I am refusing to buy the valor pass because that is approximately half of my total expenditure in the game, and at six per year is too rich for me. I will progress at my own pace and compete at the level I am at. I’m sure SGG would love for me to spend more but it’s just not happening. When (not if) I hit that wall where I am no longer progressing and enjoying the challenge, I will stop playing.

You have to decide for yourself what you want out of the game, no one else can do that for you. If you do not get what you want out of it then you need to consider not playing it.


Take legal action!!! No disclaimers in game, they don’t care if you sell your dog for gems, they don’t care if your family can’t eat because of summoning, unregulated gambling is fun…for someone. I personally would pray and ask for guidance, just don’t pray to the Dark Lord, he nay give you more 5*s :confused:

You should consider yourself lucky! :smile:

Maybe you want trade places with me?

After 22 month of playing I have 10 maxed 5* heros.

One of them is Elkanen ( only green 5* ) and another one is Quintus.

I have 3 non classic heros. Mokk-Arr :face_vomiting: not maxed plus Rana plus Finley. :heart_eyes:

I have exactely 0 hotm.

I am leading the alliance I founded and I am very happy to have found so many great members.

Soon I will have 8k raid wins under my belt and the alliancde wins a liitle more than 50% of its wars. :smile:

I end almost every tournament in top 5 to top 1 % and have finished everything that you can finish.

As a strict ftp I can raid into top 50 if I want but my defense is so weak I get bombed back to 2300+ immediately after loging off. :slight_smile:

So I am still playing to win I just know my limitations. :smile:

Before destroying all you have built in this game I would recommend a break and see how it looks when you come back. There will always be time to destroy your account later! :smile:

Wish you best of luck and lots of fun.



That’s actually not a horrible rate for most players, especially if they are a F2P or C2P players. I have been playing for 15 months now, and I have 11 maxed 5 stars. At this current rate, I am going to have around 16-17 maxed 5 stars at the end of 2 years. That is the true nature of the game, it’s extremely slow grinding, unless you decide to spend a lot of money.

My question is, what is it that made you play the game for 2 years? I am sure that it was not just the lack of 5 star heroes, otherwise you would have quit long time ago. There must be something else you like too. Personally, I like the puzzles and strategy aspect of the game. That is why I enjoy hitting titans and wars with like minded players like me. The fact that I don’t have too many 5 stars or I don’t get 4 star mats does not bother me much. I kind of just try to develop my puzzle skills and use whatever heroes I have to the fullest of my abilities. Yes, maybe after 2 years I will also have the same feeling as you. But right now, it is the association of the community that keeps me going (apart from the game). So if there is something like this for you too, then keep playing. But if it is really not something you are enjoying anymore then by all means you can either take a break (worth a try) or quit the game altogether.

At the end of the day, whatever you decide to do, I wish you all the best for all your future endeavors. :slight_smile:


As a Ftp player monthly i do at least 20 rolls eith my limited resources, if we add the non stoping at least 1 tc 20 that basically its 35 monthly rolls at least , the reason why i played the game for 2 years already is somehow same reasons that u mentioned , just my patience looks like its in the limits …I got like 5 mediocres blue 5* on row from tc 20 and rolls b4 2 months when i didnt had any scope ,i still have 5 of em ofc unmaxed cause no scopes here just the ones from the quests ,the devs maybe can have a strange sense of humour but everything has a limit ,and as i mentioned im enough good in everything game related ,Titans ,Wars,Events,Raids& Tournaments…my 5* heros dies like 3* in this level ,so as i see it my only options are wither quiting forever and making a fun video or either spending

With you knowing my 3* roster…I am personally hurt by this statement.

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