My 2 cents for the game after 2 years of playing

Hi everyone and thanks for reading this thread ,sorry for my so so english ,im not a native english speaker so maybe i will do a lot of
Grammar mistakes and same time maybe even dont send to you my message .,My point is that the game is pointless ,they keep inveting new challenges just to make it worse that it used to be b4…I have only 16 5* maced so far amd thats ridiculous for a player that played almost for 2 years so far…I have been a leader of many different alliances and never suggested to em to spend ,cause it dosent worth it and u will never see the ligjht on the end of the tunnel…Lets go to the point i eill ask for a suggestion ,i have more than 8 momths thinking to feed my maxed 5* to some
1* sadly ,what do u suggest?


It’s been done before:

Maybe it’s time to take a break?

Or try playing differently?

Or just to quit and find a new game?

It’s a game, the purpose is to be fun.

If you don’t enjoy it, that’s a good reason to take a break or quit.


I perfectly know that is lot of peoples did it before ,and that was not the topic @zephyr1 ,my point was not of someone ellse
Did it b4 ,but if i should
Do it

Right — and I’m saying you wouldn’t be the first person to decide to quit like that.

So presumably it’s a decision you might come to, like they did.

I suppose it’s a reasonable way to quit for someone who wants to ensure they’re never tempted to return to the game.

I don’t think I’d ever way to do that, personally, even if I were quitting.


Good answer still not answering to my question anyway ,u r more taking care what the others did (that i personally dont care ) raither than giving your personal opinion about the game ,thank u for your thoughts anyway i really appreciate it

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I actually wrote a bit about some of that here recently: Raiding is Boring, Time to Make It Fun

But it seems like the question is more your personal opinion about the game.

I won’t try to talk you into or out of liking it, but it sounds like you’re not enjoying it very much.

And my opinion is that not enjoying the game is a good reason to take a break or quit.


I think it’s hard for other players to advise you on whether you should quit the game or not. Really, only you can make that decision.


wow … how does anyone feed all of those heroes to aife just like that. how upsetting to watch


Here it comes:
If you really don’t like playing, quit. Go away. No one wants to hear you moan.

If you do like playing, keep playing. Maybe change your goals within the game. Compete against yourself, not the game. Just don’t moan about it.

Harsh but really, no one can tell you whether to play the game or not. That is something only you can decide and coming to a public forum asking to be told what to do is rude.


What would you like from the game?
What isn’t satisfy you now that used too?


In my honest opinion, that is a question you need to answer yourself.
Do you really want to quit and never come back.
Is the game really so pointless and that will never change for you.
Will you never enjoy the game again
Will nothing ever change that may make it better for you
Would it be better if you just took some time out and came back
Now to answer your specific question of feeding your 5* to a 1* hero, for me I would say no. That would be totally pointless if you are just going to leave the game permanently in any event.
I wish you all the best, and I hope you make the right decision for you.
Good luck


Ive had games ive spent $1000’s on that just became a chore so i stopped playing and 1 of those games ive returned to after over 12 months off. I like some of the new features so glad to not need to start from scratch again.
My advice is not to eat your maxxed heros as you never know what the future holds.


I keep thinking that playing in an alliance where everyone agrees to only use 3* and lower heroes would be a lot more fun than trying to enjoy the game competitively with 4-5* heroes included … something for ya to consider I guess :slight_smile:


As i mentioned i have only 16 5* maxed even after playing for 2 years , i have almost 4 months leveling 4* heros even that i have like 6 or 7 unmaxed 5* too , if it helps i used to be a leader of at least 2 competitive alliances and atm an ex co leader and a member of top 40 alliance too

If I could start over, knowing what I know now, I would 100% do this.


That could get a little rough. When I was soloing for a little bit, I was getting matched up in war against teams with maxed 5* defenses, even though I had no leveled 5*s (I don’t even think I had a 5* hero on my roster at the time). By extension, I imagine that even if your alliance maxed out with 3*+20’s (which I’ll admit, is enticing, given how low the resource demand is to do that), you’d have to go up against maxed 4* defenses with some 5*s sprinkled in. It’s a bit of a handicap.

On the titan front, you don’t miss AMs if you don’t need them, so you don’t really need to face 8*s and up.

But for me, as a completionist, I would be disappointed with all the content that I simply couldn’t handle with only 3*s.

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I have begun to purposely use weird and difficult raid teams just to try and make it more interesting. I will say it has been entertaining. Using 3500 teams on 4200 teams… using mono healers… purposely using poor color combinations… etc.


yeah I read, still would like to know what you would like from the game and why is it not satisfying for you.
Kinda dodge that! As others have said take a break, up to you don’t waste your heros.

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Not my case but i appreciate your thoughs anyway ,i always used to be a competitive player,no matter how many 5* maxed i have ,emblems mostly r pushing everything to pay to win


Extremely low chances o getting somthing from summons gate or tc 20 too

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