MV=Insanity test

It has now become that old joke app that said, “push here”.

Yeah, free gems and emblems for watching a 20 second video is insanity. Please eliminate it, no players deserve that or a chance at token and MATs.


Mystic Vision has probably been my number one source of four star mats. Sometimes it sucks, but so does every other loot source. I’d keep clicking if they made the timer lower.


My personal insanity test is HA10, mystic vision has been an awesome source of emblems probably get a 20 pull every week from it.


Count one more. I had 35+ weeks lost with all S1 duplicates. Believe it or not, when I stopped using HA10, I still had a 5* S1 hero missing, even tho’ all 35 that came out of HA10 were S1 heroes.

MV was the only part of the game which didn’t stop to suprise me, in a good way.


I never open a page.

That said, I mean the pages to not begin their timer when I open MV. I have to close out everything and restart e&p. That is happening at a 70% rate. So, I am tapping my screen to accomplish nothing at a rate I consider insane.

To be clear, it is the mechanism which needs fixing. The timer is not starting far too often.

This is a better explanation of why you call it insanity. I have had that issue only once. Hopefully someone in the forum can give you advice on how to fix this.

It is a dev level problem.

Ok now that we know which flavor of insanity being referred to, there is an ongoing thread in the bugs category for various issues with mv

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I see you’re working your way into a moderator slot.

A bug, to me, is a special skill not applying in a very finite case.

I am venting about massively bad code.

Thanks for all your help. I mean that.

Why would SG eliminate this? It brings in a ton of revenue per day.

No, you misunderstand…it needs a fix.

but apparently, many others are not experiencing the same problem - so it can’t be a coding problem.

It was sarcasm. No one wants it gone.

Do you open the ad? That is one of the new ads which require opening. If you don’t, has the timer worked.

The ads from Silla and chrome and the “we buy wrecks” do not begin their timers when the timers are at 5. If the timers are at 2 or 1 when the ad appears, the timer runs.

Some, like “wrecks”, will be missing a central piece of the ad.

If I am the only one this happens to, then, yes, I am insane.

Dear @Bud - you do realize that not everyone sees the same ads? And that SG is not responsible for the way the ads work?
But if you are having a problem and think SG can help, then your course of action would be to send in a support ticket. Support does not function over the forum.

I’d be inclined to head over to Google support (or Apple) asking about embedded ads not working. SG support will not be impressed and can’t help you.