Mutual Defeat in AW Battle?

So let’s say you’re in an AW battle, and it’s down to one hero on each side. Your opponent has a hero with an active counter (Obakan, perhaps), and during your turn you deal enough damage to defeat your opponent, but at the same time the counter damage knocks down your last hero as well.

For raids, I know that this counts as a loss for the attacker, but what happens for AW? Does the attacker still get the full point value and bonus for defeating all of the defender’s heroes?

I didn’t have the experience, but I’d say the attacker should get the points + bonus. If it doesn’t, I’d call this a bug.

We had a twist on that. The defending team had Alby, and Alby revived a hero (call them Aslan) who got revived. At the end, our player Lucy killed Alby but died at the same time. Aslan was still alive so it looked like Lucy lost. However, since Aslan was not alive at the start of the current battle, he went back to dead at the end. Therefore, Lucy killed the other team and got the points including the bonus.


I’ve experienced this also in a Raid and ended up with a Defeat even if I made the killing blow. The developer should award this to the one who made the killing blow the winner.