💥 Mutiny2 is looking for you! 4000+ defense, 11* titans, organized wars

We are a year and a half old international alliance. We are all friendly and supportive, and we like to have fun! We are a place where you can grow and become a stronger player. The vast majority of our members are between levels 40 and 60 and our war defenses range from around 3800 to 4550.


Currently we are fighting mostly 11* titans, but will take on a 12* rare if one appears. We ask that you make an effort to use as many titan flags as you can, your long term average should be at least 5 hits per titan.


We have organized wars, but since we have members from both the US and Europe, our strategy is pretty flexible and you are not required to be around at any specific time. But you need to use all 6 flags or opt out when you don’t have time, and you should follow our war strategy. You should also have 30 usable heroes so you can make 6 attacks.


We use an app called LINE to communicate, share tips, war hits, and more. It’s a small privacy-friendly app that you can get on Android, iPhone, and PC. We can help you set it up if you join.


We are currently open, so feel free to check us out! We have cups set to 2000 minimum for entry, but this is negotiable.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! We also have a Line group, you can reach us there as well (look for ID “norbertg”).


Currently 29/30, looking for one more member to help us take down 10* titans :slight_smile:.

I am a member of Mutiny a couple of months ago. with them I discovered new potentials and stratgies.
The alliance is friendly and a really active.


I was invited to join a couple of months ago and am very glad I took up the offer. Tips and support are great but the best part has to be the friendly members and level of cooperation. Mutiny2 are a great gang to be with. Please consider becoming a member and I look forward to greeting you.

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Hi KBT and thanks for a reply! You would fit and we would love to have you! Feel free to join when you can and I appreciate that you will use flags in your old alliance, we like players like that.

Thanks! We are only fighting 10* or 9* though, so let me know if you are comfortable with that. The highest we ever got was a 11*.

We will later today have 3 more spots available (down from currently 30/30). So everyone please consider joining us if you are looking for a new alliance and fit the requirements.

We have just defeated a 10* Emperor Dragon with 27 players. No one has missed the titan. With 2-3 more members, we could be killing 10*consistently. Check us out :slight_smile: .

Come join us for the Christmas war! 1 spot left. The titans are now 10* vast majority of time, we haven’t seen a 9* in a while.

1 spot is currently available. We are killing 10* titans and we have beaten our first 11* the other day. Don’t miss out :slight_smile:.

Now would be a good time to join, we have 1 spot available. We have just beaten an 11* rare tiger and we have won the last war with all flags used.

Still looking for one warrior :slight_smile:.

Hi Spargonix!

Thank you for your interest! Do you have Line chat where we could talk? If you don’t know what that is, I can help. Many E&P alliance use this app, ours is no exception.

Thanks for your response Norbertg. I am aware of Line and know others who use it. If your alliance requires the use of another app, this alliance might not be for me. How often do you all communicate through Line?

Thanks for your response! We are using Line for all sorts of things. We share videos, help our members with roster, share all sorts of useful information and tips. For example we had several members record and post their titan hits and we provided tips on how to improve. We also post some critical information there like our rules (or rule updates) and war strategy. Game chat is not really sufficient for any of these things. It also gives our members and co-leaders an option to discuss anything privately without having to involve everyone. If someone is only on the game chat, it makes communication much harder, with Line all we need to do is send a PM.

You don’t need to be there all day and post things everyday, far from that. All we ask is that members read their PMs regularly and read important updates.

If you really don’t want to install Line, I can understand if you want to look elsewhere for an alliance, and should that be the case I wish you good luck!

Thank you for the info and for chatting with me about your alliance. I do understand the limitations of chat and see how an external app certainly helps with communication and strategy. Unfortunately, in balancing work life and family, an added app is not what I need right now. Thank you and all the best with your alliance!

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One spot has opened up today after the war ended. A player from Oman has decided he prefers a national alliance where everyone speak his language instead of our international one.

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We have an opening today :slight_smile: .

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