Mute Player / Forum User?

I know how to mute a thread.
Extra handy info these days!

But if someone is pinging the mailbox and my personal ignore switch is broken…
Is it possible to mute a person?
I’ve looked for the option and can’t seem to find one

OOps wrong thread hang on

Click their profile pic or name. Then click again to go to their profile screen:

Then change their setting from “normal” to “Muted” or “Ignored”

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Thanks!!! And
Thank You!

Ok @Guvnor hold on a sec…

I don’t see that option? Is this a pc vs mobile thing?

Maybe doesn’t work for moderators. Can check if you see the option on mine.


To get here I clicked on the pipe-smoking moon to the left of your name, and then the larger one that pops up. I imagine the same works with the tan ‘F’ circle for mine.

Edit: I’m currently on pc

Maybe it’s your device? I see it on both mobile and desktop on my iPad.

Yea iPhone here.

I can try and get my personal ignore switch fixed. But… I think that broken button is in my dna…

@Pompitous, it’s right there lol:

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Glad it wasn’t a snake…
Thanks guys!


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