Must be broken otherwise its just severely cheesy

Game continually forces this tutorial. Stop it.


I haven’t had that in weeks. Maybe because I refuse to subject my friends to this torture :crazy_face:

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I keep getting it too. I wish I could tell them that I’ll start referring friends again when they make it a game worth recommending again.



Welcome to freemium mobile economy.

Invite friends is by definition a pyramid scheme but like state run lotteries, and licensed casinos, are okay because they generate revenue.

Friends list

I prefer the friends list that BoH, old Apple Inc. Game Center app, and Pokémon GO, use.

A friends list is not a pyramid scheme and solves many of the problems with “invite new players”.

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My issue is that its a forced tutorial. You cannot skip said tutorial.


I personally love this tutorial. Unfortunately I only got to go through it one time.

Hopefully SG will address this bug and allow us all to play this riveting tutorial level every time we log in.

Not sure why you’re complaining though, @Unicef , seems like you hit the jackpot


Ironically, I got this just one day after posting that I hadn’t.

Oh. I haven’t won the lottery in weeks.

and now, we wait…


Let me know how many free tickets you won :rofl:

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