Muspelheim special stages mission bug

Province 28 Stage 10 in Muspelheim is clearly a Special Stage. It says it is right on the stage description, however, completing it does not give credit toward the Muspelheim complete special stages mission.

Province 28-10 it is a special stage because it has an Unique Boss and also it has a different sign than the other special stages in Muspelheim that are counted toward the mission.

Maybe it should have been named differently but otherwise it’s not really a problem.


And that would be a great answer if the type of special stage was at all relevant. As nothing in the mission says what TYPE of special stage is required, the stage should be valid. It just says “Complete 40 special stages in Muspelheim.” Well, I did exactly that, and I did not get credit towards the mission. That is as straightforward a bug as it gets.

Here’s what you need to do to fix it: You can change the mission text to specify a non-boss special stage, you can make the stage count towards the mission, or you can make the stage not say it is a special stage. Pick one of those three things, so someone else doesn’t throw away world energy doin something that says it should work.

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Thanks @Magnifique for an excellent answer. :+1:

@Jaelus could you provide a capture of the mission description? What does it state precisely? Sorry, I finished it already…

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