Museum should be public

They should make it so if you click on someone’s profile you can see all the heroes in the strongholds museum

Terrible idea. Frankly what other people have is none of our business.


Or make it within the alliance only. I know a couple members of our alliance had thought that would be a good idea. Don’t know what the others think, but I think it would be nice. It also helps when people are asking for roster help, at least you can take a look without asking every time to post their roster.


That I’m ok with. I would like the ability to opt out only because I’ve come across weirdos that will constantly question “why did you use this hero and not that hero”. Some people have the superpower of sucking the fun out of the game


Or at least make it so one decides to make it public or not


I just want to know who I am missing. Get rid of the question marks and say who the hero is at least. We have a million portals now. We can’t be expected to remember every hero that is in the game.

That is currently why I would want to see a museum from one of the whales. Just to compare who I am missing.

This should help you out :nerd_face:

There are also images shared under the topic posted as well


Thank you. I had seen that thread when it was just a list, but hadn’t seen it since to see they added pictures. I had thought the list was a little clunky and went searching elsewhere.

Thank you much.

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Visuals are much easier for me to process, so I understand :nerd_face:. The original poster did a fantastic job gathering all the data and laying it out for everyone to have…and then those creating visuals provided as all another great resource. There are so many helpful people on the forum here, I am very grateful for them!

I agree with the visuals. I can usually remember all the faces but never the names.

Agree. And even if the museum just put a name over the black screen it would help us knowing who we are missing.

It would be nice for alliance members to be able to check :heavy_check_mark: out each others museum, or the museum to have an allowed or not allowed entrance!!!