Musashi's skill description does not match what he actually does

I have Musashi, and his skill description says that for 5 turns, he will heal 50% of the normal damage done. I always read that as meaning that for any damage done by yellow shields/tiles that get sent up the screen, he would heal himself with half of the damage dealt.

I’ve been using him for quite a long time, and he has NEVER gotten any health back for any damage done by by yellow or any other tiles. However; when his skill is still active, any yellow tiles that I send up, seem to give back between 3 and 4 times the normal mana when they make contact. To be clearer, upon contact, they regenerate mana instead of health.

You can see him regaining health from yellow tiles in this video:

Can you record a video of what you’re observing, upload it to a video site, and link it here?


Perhaps, when you observed, his health was already at maximum so you didn’t see any increase of health but instead a mana gain.

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