Musashi + Wukong = best yellow combo?

Ok so I’m new to the forums, and a free player on the game… but it’s a combo that’s hard to beat when WuKong feels like playing nicely.

Add Guardian Jackel to the mix? If your feeling extra frisky

So how many of one color can you have in your lineup before you lose any stacking benifits??

I’m partial to Guardian Jackal, Joon and Delilah when it comes to “Yellow smash purple”-combos.
At least in raids.

On titans I sub Del for Wu.

You never loose stacking benefits from tile damage.

Well, in theory you can have 5 all the same color. Then you pray on the board to go with your chosen color.
I do like the combo of guardian Jackel and Joon/Musashi against titans. Add the crit bonus of Wu, or additional attk bonuses can be very lethal.

WuKong only has attack bonus, no crit component.

But its the only a hero that has an attsck bonus that stacks with Ares/Boldtusk/Kiril. So he’s still pretty amazing.

well said, error on my part, still can be lethal combos either way at it.

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