Musashi, Ursena, Teluria, Tyr, Fenrir

Recently when i field this setup, im loosing defense cups all the time. Almost everyone beats this team. Can they have really good boards for few days? :stuck_out_tongue:

One team before : JF, Ursena, Teluria, Clarissa, Joon did alot better (same lvls as team above)?

How come? Im trying to play healer setup. Would rearanging them in anyway help?

Thanks for suggestions!

Why would you put JF in wing? Don’t you have blue for flank? Not a fan of Fenrir in defense.

Joon and JF Are better suited for defense than musashi and the IMO. Joon for sure. I like the placement of the heroes, I’d replace the two mentioned in those spots.

Do you mean JF replacing Tyr?

Joon -Ursena- Telly- JF - Fenrir

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The placement of JF is sure better at flank than wing.

NB: Wing-Flank-Tank-Flank-Wing

@Cerevan_the_Omni do you have other blue?

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Thank you all for suggestions. I got Isarnia of blues.

On bench is also sitting baldur and Heimdall and Kadilen, Azlar.

I would really like to build around healing hp boost team, so I would most apreciate suggestions for that

Also got two gullinbursties unlevled

Stay with Fenrir then…

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