Musashi or Onatal

Onatel. Hands down. There is no competition. Far more versatile offensively and defensively! Her mana steal is very hard to come back from…VERY HARD!! Especially with double-digit emblems on her. +800 Defense Stat at max. What she lacks in mana generation speed, she makes up for by always stealing it from the enemy.

I’m actually surprised SHE wasn’t nerfed!!!

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What Mothra said. What Mothra said. So correct it deserves to be said twice.

Seldom have trouble with her, but would definitely ascend Ona before Mushi.

Yeah guys I know Ona over Musashi… But I don’t have her… The rest of the thread u guys are responding to was from over a year ago… I was just trying to get advice about Musashi over Neith… :+1:

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Yeah that’s the other thing I was thinking about, keeping her in the lineup but still giving her emblems to Sesh… I might just do that instead… Thanks!! :+1:

Decide emblem-based.
Maybe a little bit towards Neith.
She’s a little bit of everything.

Depends on if you need utility or damage. musashi can pack a big punch when teaming up with drake…onatel needs to hit 437 times to kill… personally I want a result quicker than the 17 minutes it takes with onatel on the team…

Also mush is fast and onatel is average in the telly meta that probably should be the deciding factor.

It’s now about Mushi vs Neith.

Sorry. Musashi >>>>>>>>>>>Neith. That is all.

Well, I don’t pay attention to that. I have Neith, but I think I would prefer someone faster where there wasn’t so much competition for emblems. She’s okay at 4/80, but with Seshat, Lianna, Red Hood and so many other great Rangers, it’s hard to see her getting her day.

Hope I pull Roc or Rana from Sand Empire Seasonal Event to change that.

I’m with u on the hard puncher part… The main reason I’m reluctant to give up Neith unless it’s to a really good yellow is because of her Blind… That has saved my team so much to AOE heroes cause she hits everyone with it… Plus, even though it’s only 10% she does have mana control which also helps slow teams down… But yeah, if only her hit was bigger… I’ve gone back to having a TC on Legendary hoping for Joon… Right now I’m leaning towards just giving her emblems to Seshat to make her +11 with an atk of 842 & running Neith for a bit with none…

I’ve been wondering if they’ll ever do Sand again!! It’s been FOREVER!! I think we’ve have like 3 Avalon events since the last time Sand was around!! :cry:

I have Malosi sitting at 3/70 but he’s not the right yellow for me D team… AI timing & enemy selection just a sucks & he conflicts with GM…

Sand is this June (if I remember correctly).
Sand Empire is a seasonal event. So, it’s only once a year.
Avalon is a challenge event. It rotates every 5 months.

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Neith does not really get better with emblems.

Seshat definetely does.

I like neith, if she can be fired. As I am leaning to 3/2 attack teams with two healers, two hitters and one support/manacontrol neith slides in very nicely. :slight_smile:

Learned something new, Thanks!! I thought Sand was a regular event like Avalon… Was wondering why I hadn’t seen it in so long… :+1:

Musashi hits pretty hard with the defense team boost. And at fast he’ll fire enough to make a difference