Musashi or Onatal

what one would you levle up first
my musashi is levle 33 1one asc
im loving him so far
but what one would you do, first

What does your team look like? What kind of play style do you have?

at this stage for pvp
im running ,
king arther left flank 49 two asc
sabina maxed
hu toa 49 almost maxed
boldtusk 47 3 asc
zel 52 two asc

i some times swap king a for a boril and zel for a maxed kashrek
pending how many trophies i loose :smiley:
or a maxed sumitro for titans to ,

currently working on zel and king a

With the heroes you’ve got in the works, I’d continue with Mushashi.

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Assuming there has been no change to how her mana steal works, Onatel by a wide margin.


Twenty shades of Onatel.


It’s amazing how split people are with Onatel. Same with Inari. Half say they are useless, half think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread


I reckon that is a sign of excellent hero design. They are both very different in terms of their abilities, and appeal to some and not others. If it were really straightforward to use them everybody would probably love them. I like the fact that they are a really new style of hero


It would help to see a photo of your roster and team, but from the limited info given, I’d say Onatel for a mana controller (raids, events), or Musashi for mostly offensive purposes (Titans, raid attack).

Onatel is a new kind of mana control, but takes a bit to learn how to use her properly. She doesn’t work well with other mana controllers, so that’s something to keep in mind. She’s very tanky [in stats], so she could make a decent tank for where you’re at in the game. If you go this route, you’re going to want to wait til turn 3 or 4 to really ram your targets with tiles. 4 is the most ideal, but at 3 you will still see a good return without letting the enemy gain too much mana from it. She takes some getting used to though, so if you’re leaning toward her, I’d play around with her first to see if she fits with what you’re looking for [in your team] first.

Musashi has a nice high attack stat, so he’ll be solid for purple Titans. His effect isn’t as cool, but more straight-forward than Onatel’s; meaning, he’ll probably fit fairly easily on any team whereas Onatel should be tested first. If you’d prefer someone who hits harder, is faster and more offensive, then I’d go Musashi.

Personally, I value mana controllers more than offensive heroes, but that’s just me. Some people like to hit fast and hard, and Musashi would be better for that than Onatel.


Musashi is a chain-saw attacker with a modest bit of healing. He’s great against titans, where the tile damage keeps his health high as long as yellow tiles are dropping.

Onatel is a much more tactical hero. Much lower tile damage, high durability.

I’m one of those who views Onatel as an inspired design to aspire towards. Musashi is a safer choice.


i could imagine onatel used with proteus your kind of screwed lmaof
thats a killer two pet combo right there

Wouldn’t Proteus cancel any mana gain from tiles, thus cancel any mana steal?

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i rely dont know lol this is a rely good question

This is just my personal opinion but you don’t have a true tank which can give you the survivability you need at higher levels.

So with that being said go for Onatel and put her up the center.


Well, only if you hit the same targets. Hit the left three with Onatel and the right two with Proteus or vice-versa.


im working asap on king arther and zel for tank

Man I have to tell you something about is the people are jealous because we got a good characters and they compare the Onatel with 4* witch are not eaven close to her and besides one’s she’s updated she’s PIA for everyone because when she’s relief the special she will be active all the time nothing can stop her to gain mana and she hills herself as well so don’t mind them

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In the grand scheme of things do u think Musashi is worth replacing Neith with so I can give her emblems to Seshat?? Here’s my current team:

Seshat +9
GM +9
Telly +7
Richard +6
Neith +3

I need 2 more scopes & then I’m gonna replace Richard with Costumed Magni & Richard’s emblems go to Telly… I’ve been looking for a new yellow to replace Neith but not sure if Musashi’s the right one or if I should keep waiting… What do u think?? :thinking:

Defensively, I don’t know that either Neith or Musashi will make a grand difference in your lineup. Likely interchangeable. A stronger Seshat will have a greater difference on your defense than that of choosing either Neith or Musashi.

Offensively, I think I’d prefer Neith, but she can operate just as well with or without the +3 emblems.