MUSASHI: must be reviewed


The sedentary skill of this hero (healing) is ridiculous. For those who do not know, heal 40% of the normal damage means the damage you are able to do with the yellow tris when attacking and with the base attack when defending! The heal you can get with the tris is embarrassing (7-8-10hp! If you have a yellow tris to create naturally!). For me, Elkanen, who is not even a hero of the month, is much stronger! He heals a percentage of damage he deals with special skill!

My suggestions:

  • Reduce the healing rate and make it heal a percentage of the damage caused by the special ability;

  • Keep the same but make him for the next 4 turn heal 40% of any damage he can inflict, even if he can reload the special skill, so 40% of the damage by the special skill;

Without a review, he cant be called Hero of the month!


Let me guess…
You have Musashi, is it right?


When he was released, I noticed that his special is weak and it does not do extra damage on purple heroes unlike other heroes of the month. Don’t have him and not really want him.


Right on the spot, as i suppose.
No need to be so salty, is a matter of fact that people want their heroes pumped up instead of what they haven’t.
If you look a bit on the forum, you find quite some people who ask that Ares get pumped up. And you know what?
They are Ares users, how strange !

Now, you see his second skills quite lacking. Mh, i don’t really think so.
If you use it in normal conditions and you haven’t a great bord, yes, it kinda suck.
But on a good combo with defence debuffs, he may heal all his health in one go even in a verge of death.

It is really usefull like second skills of Hel or Athena? No, probably not.
It is comparable to Ares (That may totally wipe out by a dispeller, you know?). Yes.

I think that SG don’t want to make another mistake like Athena, that’s all.
It is a five star comparable to others five star.

So i know you want an OP character that just win alone all the raids.
I’m sorry for that, try next time.


Or maybe using a hero let you realize his strengths and weaknesses. You are a person who is reasonably biased, that’s why I invited you to shift your attention to a post where less intellectual skills are required. If you carefully read my requests, there is not only an improvement but an adaptation: “reduce the healing percentage” and let him heals a % of the damage inflicted with special ability. " I’m not part of so many players who have a hero and want him to become the star of the game and I’m really sorry for that, because that makes sure that you don’t have arguments to discuss.


Well having all 3, I have to say Musahi has a very strong special already. The damage is very high for a fast hero. The heal is just gravy. If you compare it to Hel or Athena specials, his damage is higher, but sure the bonus effect isn’t as good, but they are average speed while Musahi is fast. So they need to be stronger. Giving him heal from special too would be a bit too overpowered, even if it would need some effort to get him to full mana before the buff runs out.


So, basically, you are saying that you alone are better than beta tester?
Wow, you are so cool.

Oh, and another question for you then. The hero of the months is a hero that you get on limited time for FREE.
Yes. Free. You may get a five hero with a summon, and then get him right after without using gems.

So… why he has to be better then other 5* heroes? Just… why?
Because you have it?


The content of your post can always be summarized with a question: do you have it?
You have abundantly proven to have no arguments, sorry, but I will not make the third mental regression to answer your childish questions.

ARIEN: Thank you for sharing your point of view!


Seems legit, thats very different.
Way to go buddy !

Oh, and i have it and even defend it in a thread between him and Joon.


Personally I like Joon a bit more, but wouldn’t say Musa is bad. Hard decission which one to level. But joon works better for my style of play and he is superior against titans compared to Musa. More damage and the blind really takes off some damage, unless you already use Arrows, but I don’t think arrows are worth an equipment spot. Rather use axe or bomb and turtle banner.


Heroes of the month have special abilities with 3 different effects. Musashi has only 2 and the second is really irrelevant. Will be correct add extra damage vs darkness and rethink the second skill. I would rather miss the second effect by replacing it with extra damage if him just has to have only two effects unlike the others.


I mean musashi is the only 1 so far that are fast. So they bred to change that to?


I agree with ValhallaGaming - skill is useless now, and MUSASHI is the weakest hero of the month, a little buff or another effect would help, but for now only Joon.


Maybe that’s why they only gave him two effects, instead of three? Hmm…


Ya, but im not complaining about this heroes. And thats what I thougth to.

I dont have him


I really liked the look of his primary ability…didn’t think much of his heal. Still wanted to get him (and never did). :sob:


His healing ‘skill’ is so insignificant that I might rather it not be there at all. I have yet to see a raid decided because Musashi had an extra 40 hit points. Not saying he’s useless. I’ve had him maxed on both offense and defense for awhile now (more effective on offense, certainly), and use him in Titan battles as he has a fairly high attack value. But I am saying his healing skill is most definitely useless.

Consider from a gameplay perspective. Healing is useful if it allows you to survive a second hit. If you are raiding with Musashi, he can survive a pretty solid hit, but will be severely depleted. His healing is not significant enough to bring him around for any further damage. I’ll be certain to take a much closer look to make absolutely sure it’s never a factor in any battles (1 in 20 would be at the low end of ‘more than useless’ in my view), but I’m pretty firmly siding with my peripheral views after using him daily for the past few months.

Again, I’m not saying Musashi is useless. He’s a tremendous asset in conjunction with Wu. But, as of right now, I would say with some certainty that his healing is useless.


I gotta agree with you, Grum. I’ve been using Musashi since he came out. He is almost always one of the first to die on my team, which includes Azlar, whose defense is considerably lower. The heal effect is maybe more apparent in defense teams where A.I. is controlling him and it’s tile damage that he heals. But from an offensive point of view, the minor hits from raid opponents and from monsters on province boards is the same on Musa as it is on the others. The supposed heal effect is basically unnoticeable and this is with it’s current set-point of 50% healing of dealt “normal damage”. What is considered normal damage? Only tiles? Or anything that isn’t a “Special Attack”, which is what most players would consider normal damage. I don’t know the solution to it, but after Perseus and Natalya coming out, the whole “it’s because he has Fast Mana that his special is only twofold” argument goes out the window. Just my 2 cents worth. :slightly_smiling_face:


Tiles on attack, slash damage on defense.

On defense the heal isn’t really fantastic and end game he needs Ares to be really good (whereas Joon is just really good regardless); on attack though I haven’t checked this recently, his heal is the only other thing besides blind which is after the summation so he scales having multiple yellows in the team for his heal.

He’s my first drop card though when I’m not facing Hel or similar and there I double him with Jackal: he’s good and likely the second best yellow attacker, he’s just not Joon.


I don’t have a Joon to compare with, but I think Musa is great. And strong for a fast hero.
The healing is low, but can make a change on some raids when he is one of the last heroes standing.
I agree that changing that would make him OP and I really wouldn’t like him to be slowed down to getter better special abilities.