Musashi, Joon, or Onatel?

I’m close to having all the mats and heroes for a 5* rainbow defense. Just down a tome, which I should get soon, a tonic, a dart, and a 5* red lol.

The rest of the defense will be Seshat, Evelyn, BT, and Frida.

Sesh Ona Boldie Frida Eve

My Mushi only farms. His special is not very useful, but he kills three of the easy and almost three of the average mob monsters. I don’t use him for raids and wars. Danza and/or Gretel join instead.

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I’d pretty much eliminated him, but I wanted another perspective. Thanks, mate

My vote goest to Onatel and @Olmor’s defense seems to be the best one :slight_smile:

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So bringing this thread back…I’ve received Khagan, Azlar, and Marjana. Which one should I start with?

Marjana, she is a good sniper and one of the best red for AW attacks.
Azlar outclass her on Events and Titans tough.

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