Murderous A$$Beater$ - Join Us!


We are looking for active members who are looking to grow this alliance into a monster! Currently we have 15 members fighting 6*-8* Titans. We had 25 members at one point but booted the players who were inactive for too long, creating a stronger core now. This turned us into war beasts, and we win more then we lose! We accept new, upcoming, and serious players. All we ask is for casual players to Opt out of wars if you will not be using majority of your flags. With the help of a few more strong hitters, we could easily be killing 8*+ titans. With a full squad we will be killing the high level titans. The top 5 most active players hit diamond, chat about more then just the game, and have fun. The majority are platinum and growing fast with alot of 5* prospects in the works. We will help you grow, if you help us grow.

If you love winning wars, and smacking titans, Join us! Search:

(M3) Murderous Three

Bump. Join the squad, all welcomed!!

Join the crew!!! Open spots, fun people. All war participants are active. 7* and above titans. Need help growing!


We have now merged with another team after an amazing war battle between the two! We merged our names as well. Join the crew!! We now have 20 members, active, fun and understanding, as well as, fighting 7*-9* Titans (average killing 8* Titans). All we ask is you use your war flags if you are opted in the wars. Join us and our newly merged squad!!

Murderous A$$Beater$

I’ve got a group of 7, level 45-59, looking for a home. What level titan y’all hitting?

Hey buddy! We are hitting 8* currently, and we killed a few 9*s before dropping down. But with 7 more I am sure we can be crushing it with almost a full squad!

Fun group with joksters and most people grew with the original alliance. The other half that merged has been here for over 100+ days and we are just people who chill and understand most people work. But regardless we use all flags in war and been winning more than losing which has been nice. Feel free to stop by and see whats up. We are always trying to up our game to the next level.

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