Multiple Tournaments every week

I would like to be able to choose between a 3*, 4* and 5* tournament each week. 3s tournaments are my favourite because of the options available. There’s no reason really to force everyone down the same path, and to be honest 5 tournaments are just so tedious, dominated as they are by the big spenders.

So, why not let us select which level to participate at each week. I can’t see this as being too complicated for you to implement. Loot could also be adjusted for the appropriate level.

So you’re suggesting SG should run 3 separate tournaments every week?! Players decide which tournament they’d like to take part in :thinking:. Sounds complex as sometimes, my tournament defense may already go days without being attacked. :sweat:

As it is, you already have the choice to not take part in 5* tournaments anyway.

I strongly dislike this idea. If I could, I would give it the strongest “NO” possible

Why though? I can’t really see what’s so radical about it.

You’re right, and I don’t take part in any 5* tournaments - as I said they’re just too boring for me. And what about all the new players? They have nothing for weeks.

I don’t think it’s that complex - just few more fields on the database :slight_smile:

Oh but you should sign up to all tournaments. Free loot is free loot :wink:.

Yes and add 1* and 2* tourneys too along with the 345*,im getting really bored in the game, those that want to participate can, those who don’t want to or have time to don’t have to participate.

They could have a main tournament eg 5* for the week and have two others running at the same time like a 3* and 1*…that way you can get additional loot and for those that are bored can participate in all 3, and those that don’t have the time ect can participate in 1.

+it’s so much more fun and especially beneficial for newer players and those who are bored

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