Multiple raids

Normally one can have only three raids against a single opponent, but if there is an enemy’s revenge between those attempts, raid count is being reset. For example, as a result I had an opportunity to attack 5 times.

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True but if somebody attacked you 2 times and then gone off and returned after some time he can attack you 3 times again.

I’ve done it few times, had 5 hits on one player.

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Not sure it can be so if nothing happens during this time between raids.

How much time passed between this attacks?

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Maybe 15-20 minutes, not sure. Definitely less then an hour.

Really not sure how is this happening but I know I had attacked same people in raids 5 times but in longer time period. Firstly 2 times then additionally 3 times more.

You can be in someones province watchtower, enemy in watchtower can be attacked endless times.

Good remark, but it doesn’t explain how we are able to attack more than three times in a row via Raids.

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