Multiple Raid Revenge!

a player just took revenge for my raid… twice…

it was probably before and after the server going down.

attaching the screenshot below

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You can ravenge 3 times

I had just done two raid revenges as the servers went down. When I got back into the game, I checked my tower and it didn’t look like my revenge went through, so I revenged again. While it was not you, the person I revenged might see the same thing. :scream:


but you can’t lost twice. when you win, you can’t attack again.


And the fact that I was ABLE to revenge again also made me think it didn’t go through, lol.

i wouldn’t mind if it was you :smile:
and your experience shows that the problem isn’t so rare.

the server crash resulted in some kind of event data loss and let players to attack again.

i wonder how they’ll fix this, if they won’t ignore it.


Slightly off topic, but indirectly related…someone in my alliance lost the progress of their elemental chest…so data loss can happen

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that’s sad. i hope they get compensated, lots of world energy/raid got lost in the process.

i wasn’t online while crash happened so i’m on the safe side despite being attacked twice :smile:


I don’t think this is a bug. After you defeat someone in a raid, they can revenge raid you maximum up to three times or till they win, whichever happens earlier.

Slightly off topic but I have been having spotty internet connection the last few days …not SG’s fault but my stupid provider.

What is driving me crazy though is that when I raid and WIN and the game is submitting the results the internet goes out…and end up losing the raid. This has happened 3 times in the last 2 days for a total of 92 cups that should have been mine but instead went to the other person.

Why can’t there be something written in the coding to allow for a draw…where neither side wins or loses when something goes amiss like that. It would be fairer and happens in other games I play.


a revenge isnt complete until you win. and as you can see from the screenshot i shared, and clarified in earlier posts, player won twice. it is not a retry. they wouldn’t be able to attack again after they won

i agree. it happened to me a couple of times. wifi goes bad, phone couldn’t switch to mobile network in time… made me crazy… there should be some mechanism to prevent that happening. a deferred communication maybe…

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Oh okay… Now I understood… Anyways, yeah I think it was because of the server issues. It can be a little annoying sometimes.

yea, my loss was insignificant but it is a bug in the end.

they fixed the server crash issue and there will be a compensation next week.

if they just give everybody flasks it wouldn’t be fair. they should revert the ranks to where they were.

Well ranks are very dynamic and they change every minute, so it would be unfair to everyone to revert them back to whatever rank they were in one week before. So items are the best compensations. Anyway nowadays I just feel like I don’t have enough world energies with all these trial quests, normal quests, and Atlantis maps. So I wouldn’t mind a few WE flasks :wink:

i completely agree. April is/was a one hell of a month… some flasks would be nice. at least a couple from each :slight_smile:


I found this interesting considering this just happened to me. So, typical morning…i wake up to having lost some trophies (expected) but what i noticed was one player in general went against me 4x. First 3 i won and then beat me on their 4th attempt. And that’s where i said to myself, “But you only get 3 chances. How did they get a 4th?” I’ve never gotten a 4th chance. This is first time i have seen this in the 2 years i hsve been playing.

i noticed same thing a couple of times. i got attacked 4 times and i could attack 4 times. this is also another bug which isn’t related to the server crash.

i guess this is happening because of some sort of attack sequence. if the 3 raid attacks aren’t consecutive in the log, game fails to count them.

When i brought this up to my fellow alliance members they said the same thing where one attack was 7hrs ago and the other 4hrs. I think i have done something like that before in past but it still counted towards my original 3 attempts.

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