Multiple Questions About New Costumes

This is intended to just be a general topic about some of the new releases (costumes mostly) and some questions that have been pooled together by myself and some others. Bear with me as I’m a long time player, but recent to forums.

When a costume is applied, what happens to talent/emblem levels?

Has there been a decision on what the costume bonus is, or is that subject to change? (Beta is always subject to change so this one is probably harder)

Is there a scope of who all will get costumes? i.e. S1 only, S2 included, etc.

Is there a cost to move from a maxed hero to a costumed hero and vice versa?

Is there a different cost of “ascension” for costume levels?

Is there a clear rollout of how to get costume tokens/keys or will it be gems only? (where do they drop?)

If you keep your emblems on one hero then costume to another and the emblem levels stay, what exactly takes place? As shown, class changes which means I can throw (i.e.) cleric emblems on one champion then costume them and then throw ranger or druid emblems on them. So I could hypothetically spend 600 tokens on one 5 star hero. Do they change to the “new” emblems and I could reset and get 600 of one emblem back, or is there some record of 260 cleric, 340 fighter, etc and it splits them back?

Sorry for the plethora of questions. Thanks all for the patience on the questions.

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