Multiple HoTM per month

This game seems to be churning out HoTM like Nobody’s business, but I’m tired of seeing only 5* heroes. Personally I feel like each month there should be a 3, 4 and/or 5* HoTM and when you go and do pulls, you have a chance at pulling each one (the odds of pulling each will be similar to event hero summons).

I would like the community to stand behind this topic because I feel as if it is necessary to keep this game from going out of control with an overwhelming number of 5* heroes to choose from (from various summon gates/events). There are already threads with people discussing how the sheer number of 5* heroes being tested and releases is starting to change this game, and not for the better.

In order to maintain the balance, more heroes of the rare and epic should be added to the game. If you feel as I do, upvote this topic.