Multiple costumes : is there a limit?

A hero can wear multiple costumes. Doing so, you can improve his stats. But is there a limit ? And if not i think that there should be one.
Does we know how much per costume stats of a hero is improved?

Yes, 5% for Attack, Defense, and Mana Generation. 10% for HP.


Theoretically, no, but no second Costume exists for any Hero yet. They can’t wear multiple copies of the same one.

So it’s neither applicable now, nor clear they may not change that by the time it is.


By wearing multiple costumes, I mean for exemple, having 8 costumes of Bane. The bonus stats of the costumes are x8. My Bane have then improved stats x8. For example, wearing 1 costume = 443 attack, 2 costumes = 448 attack, 3 costumes = 453 attack, … and so on. Is there a limit to this?

That’s not how it works.

A single copy of a Hero can’t wear multiple copies of the same Costume, and your duplicates get no benefit from Costumes leveled on other copies of the Hero.


This is the official card of the costume. Stats : 504 - 403 - 630

Now here are the stats of mine (I have 6 costumes of Bane). They are improved :

But is there a limit ?

Yes, one.

You can only level one copy of the Costume on that copy of the Hero.

Those don’t show the Costume Bonus applied.


Ok. Now I understand. So I can give the costumes away (eat for leveling other costumes).


Yes, they currently serve no purpose other than leveling other Costumes.

There’s more information here:



  • You only need 1x Costume PATTERN to level a costume on all the copies of that hero
  • You can only equip & level a single of each costume on a SPECIFIC hero.
  • Stat boost is applied to THAT SPECIFIC hero. It doesn’t carry over onto other copies you have of that hero.

Yes but no. A given hero can wear multiple UNIQUE costumes.

Technically no, BUT as has been explained above, there is currently only a single different costume (other than the base version) for any given hero in the game.

If down the track there are more costumes released for the same heroes I expect there may be some kind of restriction put in place.


Thank you both for your answers :slight_smile:


It’s improved because the 5% kicked in on your bonuses once it was fully ascended costume bonus.

For attack:

504*.05=25.20 attack points

504+25.2= 529 attack stat

If you had 6 costumes all leveled for one hero and they stacked, costume 2 would then be (for attack stat after bonus):


529.2+26.45 = 555.65 attack stat

So no, they don’t stack. I doubt they ever would even when we get the inevitable round 2.

If they did stack in any iteration, it would be a major issue as leveling costumes would quickly become the way to build a killer lineup.

If I drew, say, multiple copies of Renfeld and could stack stats, as 3* costumes are far more available and easier to level, Renfeld could easily become on par with a 5* hero by just leveling excess costumes.

That’s not good for SG’s bottom line, so no way I see that mechanic ever being introduced.

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Thank you for your answer. I now perfect understand how it works. :ok_hand: :pray: :slight_smile:

Why can’t we feed the the last copy of a costume?? The majority of the costumes I’ve received are for 3* Heroes I no longer use or have - I’ve used them as feeders. Why would I want to keep the last copy when I didn’t want the FIRST one??!!

That is just how it is designed. Since costumes can’t be locked, this ensures that your one last costume of the same hero can’t be used to feed other costumed heroes. Imagine if you accidentally fed your only costumes for Viv, Lianna, Joon, Magni, etc. You’ll be kicking your face yourself, even if that is almost impossible to do. Getting any of them back from the masquerade portal would be a nightmare.

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