Multiple colors for tc20 heroes

I was thinking how entertaining it is to attack chameleon defense teams and see my heroes operate in new colors.

Why not freshen up things and randomize the colors for all season 1 heroes (not costumed) such that there might be a purple Lianna, yellow Azlar or green Vivica.

I think the core community in this game has moved past the point where collecting the season 1 heroes is still a part of the experience. Different colors could help revive interest in some of the heroes at least.

I would point out that the costumes are very cool and sg could both roll out more costumes and randomize colors. It doesn’t need to be a ‘costumes already exist’ kind of thing.

I love fighting chameleon! It is interesting fighting under different colors. But not sure if I want to have them changed permanently. How would you suggest they do it? Do you mean new draws would be a random element of the hero, or another aspect of a costume. Perhaps a ‘pill’ that allows a hero to change for 24 hours? Lol interesting idea.

I am open minded, your consumable booster idea of color changing pills is pretty cool.

I was thinking more that heroes coming out of training camps would pop up in new colors. So you could get a permanently green Vivica out of the training camp for example. Some heroes would be a bit weird in other colors, but I can live with a red Domitia boosting yellow defense, why not?

Can you live with a rainbow of Isarnia with Level 30 troops nuking you to death in one fell swoop?

Nope! I do not want to experience that! :scream:

yes, because then my grazul would be super useful… :smiley:

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