Multiple ascension help!

I’ve been levelling evenly up to this point (mainly to have the options now) and would like some input on who to ascend. Previous advice suggests a strong core of 4* to complete most of the events and quests for ascension items and emblems. I’ve completed season 1 and S2 normal do not factoring this in at this point and I hover around 1800 cups and don’t really desire pushing through platinum. I’ve listed my roster and ascension items through pics - any help, advice, guidance or musing would be gratefully appreciated!

Liana and Vivica both will give you there worth over the long term and you have the mats to take both all the way. Your roster is impressive, well done.

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You have some great options. I would go ahead and max a rainbow 4* team. Probably Wilbur, rigard, soyna, gaderius and Ranvir to 3-70. I know Ranvir is a 5*. No need to max wu with Ranvir on the bench.

Then I would max vivica, Lianna and Magni. You almost have the mats to do all 3 and they are all worthy of them. When you get the mats sartana and Marjana will complete a really good all purpose 5* team for guests, world stages and a diamond level defense when you want it.


In my honest opinion, with your current roster, I would focus on Kageburado, Lianna, Vivica, Wilbur, Magni … good luck
Rigard, Melendor, Guardian Jackal, Elena, Kiril
So much levelling to do …


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