Multiple accounts

I have seen a few posts about alt accounts. Is there a benefit to have more than one account?

For me it’s simply more fun having two games. I love the game and if I’ve run out of world energy and nothing else is going on, I want to be able to keep playing.

If we’re fighting a war, and a titan, and I’ve got a coloured chest, and there is a gems quest and a challenge … then I say “are you out of your freaking mind having two games!”

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You would have less waiting times to play E&P, that’s all :wink:


And what about having 2 game accounts on one IOS account?
My two kids play on two different devices - with two different game accounts - but linked to one and the same IOS account. On one of the phones - by accident - was activated the “other” game account. And now bot devices have the same game account … and my son in enraging (he lost his account) … :slight_smile:
Any advice?

Just go to game center and change the game account, it should restore the original game