Multiple accounts - logged out of one of them

I purchased a new Iphone and installed E&P on the new phone and when I tried to log onto my IPAD it asked me to choose an account, and I accidentally hit the wrong account. I saw a different thread about this, but it was 10 months old. I tried to do the things in that thread and it did not work. I have ticket with SG (patience is not my strong suit). Any help would be appreciated.

You have sent a support ticket correct?
Then you will have to wait for it to be seen by sgg there end, as no one can help you on the fourm as we players like you.
You will have to be a bit more patient, sgg staff try sort out all problems as quick as possible.
Good luck.

Thanks. I did send in a ticket, I was just hoping that someone else may have done this before me.

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It’s cool, it probably has happened before with this crazy place. Aslong as you gave all the right information with the support ticket then it should be cool. Iv sent one before and was sorted in about 12 hours, yeah bit of long time In our eyes but remember prob not the only person on the planet sending a support ticket. It be alright :+1:

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