Multiple account Google pay problem

I have multiple accounts on one android device… usually no problem switching back and forth for gameplay. I’m having an issue where when I’m trying to purchase something in game and one google account defaults for payment no matter which account I’m in. Hadn’t been an issue until last week when it started defaulting to the wrong account and I see no way to change it back. Anyone else have this issue or a solution?

I haven’t tried this personally so I don’t know if it would work or not, but you could try this as a possible solution… switch your in-game account to the account you want to apply the payment to. Then exit the game and log in to the Play Store under the same account (make sure it’s the same account as the one you’re using and want to spend the money on). Then go back in and try to make the purchase.

I’m guessing that logging into the game under a different account does not automatically log you out of whatever GP account your device is logged into, so you might have to get both your device and your game logged into the same account at the same time.

Just a potential solution, I can’t guarantee that it will work but it’s worth a try.

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Didn’t work that way…i ended up solving it…for however long it works by removing all Google accounts from my device as well as uninstalling the game…then add my primary Google account to the device, reinstall the game, log into the game, sign out of game and close, add second Google account to the device, open game, sign into primary account, sign out, sign into secondary account, and primary Google account was default for both again…

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