Multiple 4 Star Heroes

Hi Guys,

I have multiple 4 star heroes - 3 Scarletts, 2 Wu Kongs, 3 Boldtusks and so on.
Does the hero academy do anything for them
Or is it time they become feeders :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.

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No need to save for hero academy. Only 5 star heroes (at HA 10) and 4 star troops (at HA9) can be retrained.


Feels a little not fair to feed them !


I know the feeling. I was worried my maxed Rigard would be judging me when I fed off the duplicates.

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Lol you hear me :slight_smile:

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do you just retrain 5 star or create 5 star in the academy? im not even close to having a hero academy im just curious

Retrain. You need to put one in, along with other costs.

This…you put one in…and get one out. Takes 7 days.

I haven’t reached the retrain phase yet. But I have a couple of duplicate and triplicate 5 stars too so looking forward to that !

While you wait: Hero Academy level 10 - Results & Reporting

I love scrolling through this thread. Gives me hope!


we assume that you dont use healers and you don’t hav BT’s costume. Ive for 3 BT fully leveled some with emblems. will hold 4-5 of him since my other red healer is Gruzel which is had to get.

you can always use them for tournaments.

I have 3 BTs for wars. I would only keep one each of the others

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