Multicolored heroes!

Please consider multicolored heroes.
A multicolored hero has two or more colors. All the advantages and disadvantages apply to both colors. For example, consider a green-purple hero. Red and yellow stones both hit this hero as “strong”, but this hero adds to both purple and green stones on your side. Both green and purple reflecting enemies would hit this hero, but both green and purple heroes would give more XP when leveling this hero.
There are many places where colors matter, so those new heroes would definitely need a lot of balancing and would change the game - hopefully for good :slight_smile:

Your idea is pretty close what i had in my mind just minute ago. Why not make an ice hero with decieving outfit that makes him look like fire hero.

You know, like this armored green colored titan whose element is actually holy/yellow. It’s decieving and couple of times i have attacked against it with wrong heroes

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yeah, just like that mean purple emperor dragon that is actually holy and presents itself disguised in his weak color


Your idea were good. But there is a problem.
If this heroe has green and purple colors, using in battle you are going to hit enemies with green and purple stones… right?
So one heroe will make damage as 2 heroes, so it a little bit impossible or game developers make multi color heroe with low damage…
For example: normally 5* heroes has average 680~750 damage, but multicolor heroe must have only 50%, like a 350~400 damage to compensate using 2 kind of stones.

And which ascension mats are used? This would get complicated fast.

A variant might be more plausible: a “chameleon” hero that can change its color.

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Nice idea, but how is the RNG-god gonna react. :joy:

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Nah, it will become a mess. I suggest more a new element heroes with of course corresponding troops. Take 1 mat of each to up.

Each turn, strong color and weak color change (random, cannot be the same color)

chaotic heroes.
Their abilities are random like aswell

Thanks for your comment :slight_smile:
Deceiving outfit is a trick for eyes, it can fool you few times, but eventually you’ll get used to it.
I’m suggesting new mechanics, not a trick :slight_smile:

It is not impossible, just a question of balance. There are many ways to balance a hero, one of simplest is lowering damage. But one can also think of other disadvantages, like slow speed, high rarity, permanent -25% accuracy, etc. :slight_smile:

Sorry for many posts, I’m new here…

Many options available here: mix of current materials, something new, etc. Doesn’t look more complicated than it is now :slight_smile:
Please elaborate on chameleon ability, very interesting!

Why would it become mess?
A new color/element brings more changes and problems, IMO. And that super randomness doesn’t look appalling :slight_smile:

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I like this idea, much like in Magic: The Gathering.

I think ascension materials could be (mostly) split down the middle for colors. (3 tonic / 3 scopes, for example).

This could allow some interesting synergies especially if SG allowed for the heroes to have the strengths AND weaknesses of each color.

Blue and Green Hero – Strong against Blue and Red, but also weak against Green and Red-- Seem silly? Look at Dark / Holy. That’s how it works now.

I think it would be a fancy way for people who get tired of waiting for 6 of one to ascend quicker with 3 of each.

Nice Idea +1

Actually permanent -accuracy or something like that would be plausible…
I liked it.

 I have played games (Like Jade cocoon)  where you can combine monsters to give them new abilities. This can enhance some abilities, cause other areas to be weak, and create new abilities. How about if you can train heroes with other heroes to attempt to get the ultimate fighters by trial and error so that you can unleash them? There would be an option for this in addition to level up and ascend.

I have long thought that hybrid-color heroes could be a nice addition to E&P gameplay (and, yes – this brainstorm occurred to me while playing M:TG!).

One thing that I haven’t noticed mentioned here is the mechanics of troop assignments to such a hero. That little wrinkle could cause any number of fits in trying to develop it, but here is my proposed “fix”:

Let’s say you have a holy/fire cleric on your team – I would recommend that the hero only deal damage based upon the color of troops assigned to him/her for tile attacks, BUT would gain mana generation from both colors of tiles matched. I think the simplest (yet likely still not quite “right enough”) solution would be to adjust the hero’s mana generation backward one step (fast → average → slow → very slow). Such a fix would at least begin to address some of the balance issues inherent in the introduction of multicolored heroes to the game.

Nice thoughts, SyrusTerrigan! I completely forgot of troops.
What if players could form two-colored troop armies from troops they possess? Take 1 Holy 3* lvl 2 troop, merge it with 1 Fire 3* lvl 5 troop and get one Holy/Fire troop, with lvl, hmm, 80% of 5+2, rounding up?
This would change your suggestions a bit.

That’s correct, if one color troop is assigned. Matching troop would deal damage from both colors.

And again, only if troop is two colored

Yes, MtG is the source :slight_smile:

The only reason I shy away from altering the troops themselves (fire/holy troops for fire/holy heroes) is because it would require a fundamental shift in gameplay.

  1. Would we need a new building to permit hybridizing troops? Or would the Barracks be expanded to a 20-level structure to account for the addition of each color pair?
  2. Merging two existing troop units into a single hybrid troop would complicate color-stacking, and would also impose a restriction on monocolored heroes – because surely we don’t want to have parse the damage implications of using your 4* nature/dark troops against an ice/dark hero . . . . I’m terrible at math, generally speaking, and I wouldn’t want to check that calculus for balance in gameplay. Ugh!! :smiley:

Essentially, to sum up this counterpoint:

→ Requiring an either/or option for troop assignment while allowing a both/and mechanic for mana generation is the simplest option because it only requires changing the coding for the new heroes. Simple solutions are often the best, in my opinion.

Furthermore: the versatility inherent in a hybrid-color hero that can accept one of two troop colors makes your color-stacking options VERY STRONG . . . .

(Which may mean downshifting mana generation TWO steps, rather than one, is better for balance . . . . Ugh. I can’t math.)



Additional thoughts on this matter:

We all know what it’s like to color-stack for a raid or war attack and find the opening tileset covered with EXACTLY the tiles you don’t want. That can be a very disappointing thing; overcoming unfavorable tilesets is always GREAT!

Hybridized mana generation, though, raises an unusual prospect:

I usually color-stack in the 3-1-1 style. If hybrid heroes existed with the mana generation mechanics I have initially proposed, then it would be reasonable to utilize heroes that were hybrids of the two colors not used in the lineup. While it would be nice to gain mana for your special skills even when dealing minimal damage to your opponent(s), such a thing could overturn the applecart in radical fashion . . . .

For instance: in assaulting an Aegir-tanking defense team, it makes sense to stack with green heroes. If you use 3 green/1 holy/1 dark for your attack, then heroes that hybridize with red and blue would be ideal party members. Even if the opening tileset was heavily distributed with red and blue tiles, being able to charge your specials could prove overwhelmingly advantageous, even with the mana slowdown . . . .

Hmmmmm, indeed.

I would solve this by lowering the demage of the tiles. By half even. I see this as a good solution, because you have more options, but pay with lowered damage.

The problem I would see with this is more about troops - how to solve this? I guess you would have to choose one troops and the other color would give damage as if no troops were used.

I would solve this by one of the elements being primary and the other secondary. The mats would alternate in a way that the last ascension is done for the primary color.

Now we would just need to define what Primary and Secondary means.

Or the hero would require 3 telescopes and 3 tonics. Why not? The mats are used in even numbers, aren’t they?

No place on the board for another element. It’s already hard to find matches with five elements[quote=“PeachyKeen, post:10, topic:92720”]
Blue and Green Hero – Strong against Blue and Red, but also weak against Green and Red-- Seem silly? Look at Dark / Holy. That’s how it works now.

This would be a problem. Red would cancel each other out, so it would be Strong against Blue and weak against Green. I think the heroes would have to be matched RGB x PY

Oups, sorry for replying to pretty much everone here :smiley:

It would be interesting to see a hero who uses multiple colors, like say a half dark half light hero. This would make them entirely neutral to/against all types. Not sure what sort of ability this hero would have yet… Ideas?


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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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