Multi Queen of Hearts

Playing with a dlsingle, and watching the video - it appears to be a small issue with her mechanism.

My background is in testing -

What appears is one queen (with taunt up) guards 4 cards. If two - five are up, they remain all remain vulnerable.

This is not inline with current use of duplicate cards and diminishes multiple use strategies. 2 queens up means you take 2x the damage from AoE mobs.

One potential tweak - is to only allow the last queen fired to have a minion - which trades taunt for protection.

First queen fires - minion formed - team shielded.

Second queen fired, check performed, queen1 minions killed, Queen2 minions formed, team shielded.

As is - chasing multiple queens doesn’t provide an incremental gain (through synergy) and if mechanism is to be reused, May cause issues.

Thank you

Despite the thread name, the first roughly 60 posts of this thread are actually about the behavior with multiple Queens of Heart:


I replied there :slight_smile:

reviewed the 5 queen video - while I can see how it’s reacting, I don’t think it’s reacting as expected with more than one in play; and wanted to file as a low priority ticket for review specifically with two of more in play.

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