Multi-mob Titan Battles

Would be a fun change if pace to sometimes get several mini-titans to fight instead of just one large one. This would help heroes with AOE skills be a bit more competitive on Titan fights. Right now it seems a team of fast, single target heroes is always better.

If multi-mob titans not possible, at least allow AOE skills to hit a large titan multiple times on the same attack?


That will be fun if they can make it in to the game.

But is it only low star like 1 -3 u thinking of?

Causa 2 × 8 star will be insanly hard i think.

I think this is a great idea. As you say, the titan battles is very tilted in favour of single target hitting heroes.

I’ve been thinking about this lately as well and was about to post about when I found your OP. I’m glad to see that someone else has suggested it. I’ve brought up before (though I’m sure I was not the first) the need to make AOE attackers more relevant for titans, and I think something like this makes the most sense.

There are several ways they could give players attacking certain titans multiple targets to hit. Several titans already implemented in the game have multiple heads–namely the Gorgon Queen and the Raging Hydra. They could easily be tweaked to have more than one target (say, 4-5), allowing AOE attackers to have the full potential of their attacks released occasionally against titans. The Kraken could also be made to have multiple points of impact along his various tentacles.

There’s a not-so-short list of other multi-headed beasts and monsters from legend and myth that could be added as well. Even just looking at Greek mythology: They could create a Cerebus, the multi-headed dog that guards Hades. Or a Chimera. Or the Scylla. Or the Ladon, a dragon sometimes portrayed with as many as 100 heads, could be a great titan to take AOE hitters against.

As another option, they could also include minions for certain titans, like the Goblin King. Perhaps he could be surrounded by 3-4 (or more) much smaller goblins which, if killed, would be replaced, say, three turns later with a fresh hoard of guards. AOE hitters could help keep a team alive by wiping out oncoming hoards so that single-hitters can be kept alive to dole out damage to the King.

I really think it’d be a fun option. It’d give folks a reason to occasionally bring in those slow-charging, AOE hitters and would offer something new to alliances when fighting titans. It also wouldn’t seem to require much on the developers side, as many of the basic mechanics are already implemented elsewhere in the game.


Another easy way to make slow AOE hitters more viable on Titan fights is simply to give their special abilities a damage multiplier. E.g. x2-3 damage for specials that would normally hit 3 targets and x4-5 damage for specials that could normally hit 5 targets. The Titan takes up the physical space of 5 regular heroes so it would make sense since it has a larger 3d surface area to absorb an AOE fireball.

Another interesting twist might be to have some titans with a 3 tile horizontal weak spot instead. Ie. It would take 3 gems horizontally rather than vertically to stun it. An AOE hit like a fireball would hit all three spots and be an automatic stun of course.

Yeah, @Agisoul, that’s along the lines of what I had suggested before. It’s probably too big a change, I would guess, to change the way all titan fights work.

But perhaps this could work, as it would only apply to certain titans.

Having multi mob Titans would be a cool idea and I hope SG implements them someday, that being said I do think that other priorities need to be investigated and considered first.

To the developers please keep this on the radar, but only after other new features are ironed out.

Yeah, they would have to re-balance all the titans as well and that’s a PITA… I’d certainly rather that they just come up with a new set of titans beyond 10* rather than trying to change older content but I know that’s a first-world problem.

FWIW AE heroes have a place on titan teams because damage specials are mostly irrelevant to high scores: it’s all about the tile damage and so heroes like Azlar or Elena with monster attack values are very good regardless of their special being not so great for single target battles.

It’s really driven home when your oh so awesome level 80 fast striker special is hitting ye olde random 10* for 1k or whatever… and then you dwarf that by landing a single tile hit for 4k+.

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I don’t think they’d need to rebalance all titans, just tinker with one or two per titan level.

But yes, you’re right, Revelate, that the main damage against titans comes from tile damage. Were AOE attackers allowed to strut their stuff though, the disparity between special damage and tile damage would no doubt be lessened.

@Revelate and Cpt.Ahab:

Agree to all your pts. Titan fights are mostly from tile damage rather from specials, so high attack power AOE attackers can still play a significant role, but their AOE specials don’t really have the opportunity to shine and seem “wasted” on Titan fights and even monthly event challenges where you only face 1-3 bosses at a time. For a strategic RPG game, it would be nice if there are multiple situations where AOE attacks would be strategically beneficial as well (besides just clearing trash).

On top of that, another drawback is that many (though not all) AOE attackers are also slow. This can partially be overcome with mana potions but is yet another hurdle to overcome.

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