Multi Colour Chats

I know how to change the color of my text using Hex but I have seen some people that use some sort of a rainbow color. Any idea how to do this?


Place multiple hex codes in your message, that way it can has multiple colors.
[Hexcode1] This text is red[Hexcode2] this text is green.

Obviously you have to place real hex codes, but I hope you get the idea :slight_smile:

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Hi EvilSmoothie,

Yeah, I understand how to do that but I have seen text with gradient colors.


It looked something like that. Any ideas?

Actual gradients within each letter? Or just individually colored letters?

They just use a new colour for each letter I guess

They are just incrementing the hex codes for each letter, and then decreasing 1/2 way through the word.

Use a color picker app/site to get codes for shades.

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Hi Guys,

I am a web developer so I am very familiar with Hex Codes and what is doable with CSS.

These guys use actual gradients within each letter so each letter will contain more than 1 color. When ever I see it again, I will take a screen shot.

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I coded an online chat color tool which does exactly this :sunglasses:

:uk: Go here: FreeSpirits - Chat Color Tool
:de: Go here: FreeSpirits - Chat Color Tool

  1. Enter your chat message
  2. Choose the desired color steps
  3. Preview (“Vorschau”)
  4. Copy to clipboard (“Text kopieren”)
  5. Paste it in your chat within the game


That is so cool! Thank you!

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Great tool, thank you

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GRACIAS!!! Eres un campeón

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This is awesome… Thanks so much for sharing. Our game chat page will never be the same again… Love it :smile:

Excelente bro muy bien

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This is an amazing piece of fun code! Thanks so much!


I was using your great website freesspirits and the chat tool. I was having no problems but then for some reason when ever I hit preview, right after the page reloads and I don’t get a chance to copy it as it disappears. I am using the tool on my PC, I tried with Firefox, chrome and IE. Opera works, it doesn’t reload. I just thought to give you a heads up to the issue I have been having.

Great and awesome and fun tool you created, Thank you

Sometime ago I implemented a HTTP-forwarding mechanism in case something goes wrong. Obviously this function itself handled some variables not in the correct way. So it detected itself faulty and forwarded your browser to the empty page :smiley:

It should now be fixed.

Thank you very much for reporting this issue :slight_smile:

Thanks this is an awesome tool!!! :two_hearts:


Hello - can someone please help me? I’d like to know how to change the color font? I have an Android. I’m trying to get the attention of a member and don’t know how else to do it. Thanks in advance!

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See post #7

You can use hexcodes, but there is a precoded tool that will produce the code for you

Pesquise aqui na Google, freespitis dai da pra fazer gradiente