Multi Color & Emotions

Hello !

There is new text editor for Empires Puzzles !
Colored messages & emotions are easy now.

Empires Puzzles Multi Color Chat & Emotions

You can preview your message while writing.
Step 1 : write your message
Step 2 : click to copy button and paste into game
Enjoy ! : :heart_eyes:


OMG OMG thank you lol lol love it :heart_eyes:
[#8c00ff] sweet


+Line button avaible now! You can add new line in your message :blush:

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I try with iPhone, but the +Line does not work.

iOS app doesn’t seem to have the ability to have line breaks being entered into the game chat…

Some kinda weird thing to do with the 3rd party software that SGG incorporated to facilitate in game chatting.

Android you cannot add line breaks in game but you can copy them / their formatting from another app (like Line app etc…)


This is very nice @rammstein - thank you for creating and sharing.

Is it possible to add in the ability to switch it for more characters so we can use it for featured messages? Not sure on the number of characters allowed on the feature message within alliance but I know it is more than banner and chat.

Also, is chat message limited only to 128 (I was thinking more than that)? Or maybe the 128 is for the Alliance Banner? If we could have the flexibility on that it would be even better. If not, no worries I appreciate it either way!

:yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:Edit: I just kept typing (beyond the warning) and it worked so no need for a “switch” :grinning:
Again, thank you for creating this! Big help!!

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