🔱 Muggy – New Atlantis Hero: First Thoughts & Discussion

The same as the original hero, from what I could tell:



Hmmm…with those limits, an all-muggy team looks a lot less like a killer exploit, and more like a bad experiment. Sounds like using just one of him, maybe two is the most reasonable idea.

I pulled two, but don’t have that much inventory space, and already have lots of green 3*s anyhow so I fed one to the other.

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Agreed. I was under the assumption that the chameleons were able to also get the buff lol. Non-stop bruiser bros until all the Muggies die first, but alas…

Can a hero that have been ressurected into chameleon but die again be ressurected by Alby/MN?

Not easy to get him to work, nothing but funny! :joy:


I think the only one getting resurrected by him is himself. Weird stuff, see no usage, maybe a crazy war offense team, animal themed :fox_face:


Yes, that should work. When a Chameleon dies, it turns back into a dead version of the original hero as usual.


Thanks for that info @zephyr1 , now that I know other attack buffs stack, I’m gonna try and run a team of:

Muggy | Mnesseus | Mnesseus | Berden | Brienne

next time Avalon comes around. If I had Hisan I probably would replace one of the Mnesseus or Berden.

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I tried, if you use this skill, all ressurected chameleon got immunity. So we cant rez a rezzed ally

1 - fast
2 - no, unfortunately they got immunity

What about talents?

If an emblemed fighter revives in a chameleon mode, is there a chance of reviving with 1HP as the original hero?

I’m also wondering if other talents can activate while in chameleon mode, like wound, jinx, etc.

Then the revived “original hero” can be ressurected again into chameleon?

Someone please make a video with this.

I’m not sure if it was intentional, but when I tested in Beta, Talents were removed from Chameleon Mode heroes.

I reported it as a possible bug or needing clarification, but (as is typical for Beta) didn’t get a response about it.

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I’m pretty sure that the hero is revived as their former selves, since their portrait goes back to what they used to be when they are defeated in chameleon form. As seen in the video Olmor posted:

So I would assume that a hero who died in chameleon form (thus going back to who they were before), and afterwards resurrected by Mrs. Claus or Alberich would revive as themselves, not as a chameleon.


Yeah, I understood that. But then the hero can be ressurected into chameleon AGAIN later.

no, when any hero dies after having been in a chameleon state if he revives he returns to his original state

I don’t think you understood my question. Basically:

Hero A dies while in Bruiser Bros status - becomes Chameleon.
Chameleon dies - becomes dead Hero A.
Hero A is ressurected - becomes Hero A again.
Hero A dies again while in Bruiser Bros status - becomes Chameleon?

(Of course, Muggy need to stay alive through all of this, very unlikely - but worth a video)

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Yes, that’s how it should work.

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Oh gotcha. Yeah that would work, if you fire Muggy again the resurrected heroes should be able to get the bruiser bro status effect back

I just tried him out with Margaret beside, her dodge kept him alive so he could rez the other unleveled heroes. Was a nice pairing. I’ll make a video when i level him a bit more. Was playing around super curious.

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Did anyone get a bruised bro to set of its special?
What happened?

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