Muggy: Is "Reborn" Resurrection for Bloody Battle?

This question came up in a line group. Does anyone have experience with this from Beta?

@Petri, this seems like it’s at risk for being like the Fighter talent in the last bloody battle. Do we know how the code actually treats Muggy’s ability in the current version?


Good question. Interested in the answer.

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Well, they can’t say they weren’t warned!


Assuming their intent is that it shouldn’t work.


It shouldn’t work but you never know when a wild bug will appear :thinking:


SG makes counter-intuitive (to me) decisions about what things are alike and what things are different sometimes. Riposte on top of Wilbur’s buffs works differently than Reflect on top of Wilbur’s buffs. Why? No clue, but it does, and it appears to be working as intended.


3* bloody battle coming up, has anyone confirmed if muggy will reborn since it says resurrection and heal are disabled but nothing about “reborn”.


I hope it doesn’t count (since I don’t have muggy, obviously!) but I suspect it might based on the wording being different.

Has anybody figured this out yet??

Also interested. I’m assuming he doesn’t work, But it’d be great to get confirmation

It’s not just the wording. They’re not resurrected as themselves, but reborn as something else. That’s a significant difference. But it is still a coming back from the dead, damage being undone kind of thing, so in the spirit of healing and resurrection both not working, I would expect rebirth to also not work.

But what I expect or guess and what actually happens are not always the same thing, so I would really, really like an actual answer, in time to finalize my team for this next tournament.

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Health can’t be gained and so heroes with 0 hp (required for his skill) will stay with 0 hp (dead).

As others have said, health isn’t being gained, a new creature is created…

Anyone know how to get confirmation on the definition? Seems unfair to leave us wondering given that it is their definition that is dubious? :frowning:

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Cross posting this for easy reference:

When your “new creature” is created he gains health based on a percentage.
Well, in a bloody battle any green number will be = 0


I would guess that Muggy’s skill will not work, but the AI did auto fill him in my defense team when I joined the tournament. Hmm…

Thanks, I’ve got him at 2.4 so yet to use him!

That’s based purely on power and means nothing. :slight_smile:

I did remove him from the line up, I’m not gambling on the wording of a special that revives heroes and gives them health.

You can put Belith in. She will only function as a dispeller. But you can use her.


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