Muggy and Atlantis coins

Any ideas, when and how we can go for him and farm precious coins?

Muggy is available in the Atlantis Summons Portal, and you have a chance of getting additional Atlantis Coins while playing Season 2 Stages during Atlantis Rises if rare enemies show up.

Is that what you’re asking?


Is it random, or can I choose the stages where he pops up?

You might be confused about two unrelated things — Muggy is a new 3* hero, he has nothing to do with the Rare Enemies in Atlantis Rises that give Atlantis Coins.

They show up completely at random, and don’t look anything like Muggy.


Ah, ok
Thought it’s Muggy who drops the coins.

So I just farm any stage and may get coins? Can I also farm repeatedly the same?

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Yep! Any Stage can have the enemies that drop coins — but they’re quite uncommon, so don’t expect a ton. It’s very possible to get none with all of your WE.


Hi zephyr1

Do all stages have the same rate of unique enemies and is there a difference between easy and hard?

I actually plan to do a thread about this. It is VERY rare!!!


What do the rare enemies look like? I must have had one when using loot tickets before (5 coins in loot), but…

Summoning Muggy with coins plus Muggy and friends in action.

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I have farmed a bit but only found a yellow one, kinda spectral thing. Left me two coins, so you should farm for the XP and the better loot not for the coins because you really get a trivial amount [the coins are like an extra].

They are rumored to be sea dragons.

Like Seasonal mobs, they have different colors and names.


Would be interesting to see the Chameleon effect - when one of the heroes dies.


They were too strong.
Sadly noone died :rofl:

I try to record that, too.

Put it in the official Muggy thread.

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I’ve only seen 1 enemy, and it dropped 10 coins. Stage 16-10 on hard mode (the only one with Aemonna as the boss). Looks exactly like the little seahorse thing in the image here: Version 21 Release Notes & Status

It was a yellow enemy as well.

I did not screenshot unfortunately because I had just woken up at 6am (my dogs wanted to go out) and I hadn’t had coffee… but so far it’s just been the one I’ve seen.

EDIT: Got one again!
Stage 17-2 normal mode. Thus proving they appear both in hard and normal mode.

This one gave me 3 coins and the previous one 2 coins. Seems like the drop rates for how many coins are random

Either I got very lucky with the first one that gave me 10 coins, or there were more of those enemies on the stage and I was still half asleep (very likely since it was 6am.

My wife did 8-2 this afternoon and she saw 2 of these enemies there, so that also proves that they can appear on stages with no yellow minions.

@Pois1 Although the odds do appear to be random, I assume that stages with more enemies will naturally have better odds. seeing how they can appear alongside bosses too, it leads me to believe that stages with only 1 boss are better.

EDIT: if there’s another thread where this conversation is more appropriate please feel free to point me there

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Yeah, I think we’ve sort of hit the point where this thread is just meandering through topics being discussed elsewhere.

See these threads for more information and discussion:

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