MTx, RNG and the changing times (Apex Legends and Empires)

Here is a video about Apex Legends, a popular FTP shooter that has Loot Boxes and MicroTransactions with RNG odds very similar to EnP. Funny how the console and PC community goes nuts over the odds and money that have to be spent yet here its just business as usual.

They complain about odds like we face every day and they even get a PITY mechanism which rewards you after a certain number of bad loot boxes. It rings very familiar to me since I have read the forums here about people complaining about the same things. Cheaper prices, better odds, some kind of “pity” system like a random 5* or HOTM after a given number of pulls without one, etc.
Like many, I do agree with the need for MTX as the support the game. But like them I also don’t understand how these companies continue to not get what their fans want. We uderstand that we can’t have every hero in the game or 4* mats daily but the odds are vanishingly small for those who don’t become whales.
While I am fairly happy up to this point with my pulls and TC20 results I wouldn’t mind having a chance at more pulls or especially a chance to get the s2 heros in TC20.
And to cap it all off, I got a wanted chest from the monsters today with food, iron and 1 gem. That is it. Ironically I actually did the gem levels to finish the chest and they got me 1,3,6 gems for killing about 12 monsters per level so 10 gems for about 36 monsters. Yet that WHOLE chest for 100 monsters gave me 1 gem. I need the “pity” loot…lol

Will not happen until FORCED is my bet for the most part

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