Mr. Pengi Frost damage

Is this another example of E&P math?

My total frost damage on Mr. Pengi is 159 over three turns. That’s 53 per turn.

But I see 63 in actual damage being applied per turn.

I just squared off versus a pengi that had even less than that total and applied 65 per turn!

Am I missing something?

DoT is based on attack stat, higher attack = higher DoT.

In fight troops can increase your attack and it will increase DoT in fight.


As Radar1 said, the DOT damage is affected by troops
This is my 4-76 Pengi

With a level 4 Crit troop +14% Atk

With a level 8 Ninja troop +25% Atk

He’s extremely deadly with ninja troops by the way

Thanks everyone I didn’t know that!

Also I wish I had ninja troops! Be a warm day at the North Pole before I see any of those…

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